Some individuals may ask or wonder, “Why are there so many gurus, masters, sages, saints, philosophers, guides, and so on?” It can all be very confusing when you have hundreds all claiming to be masters who provide the highest highway to heaven.

 I felt that in her wonderful book, Embraced By The Light, Betty Eadie put it best when during one of her near-death experiences of heaven she asked Jesus, “Why didn’t God give us only one church, one pure religion?” And in this beautiful heaven Betty explained that Jesus answered her question by saying, “Each of us is at a different level of spiritual development and understanding. All religions upon Earth are necessary because there are people who need what they teach.” 1 This insight reveals that everything exists for a purpose and that purpose is the education of Soul.

There is basically a spiritual education system in place composed of various mystery schools, religions, or teachings. Those who develop the ability to recall past lives have seen themselves go though many religions, mystery schools, and their derivative teachings. It is not uncommon when we reach a certain level for one teacher to pass us on to the next teacher on the inner planes (heavens). For example, one of my friends was a pupil of Buddha in a past life. In this lifetime he was reunited, studying once again with a teacher who was the incarnation of Buddha. In a spiritual experience he was brought to the third level of heaven (the causal plane) to be passed on to the next higher teacher. The teacher lovingly asked him: “Of all the things I taught you what did you like the most?” In response the student joyfully rattled off a long list of his favorite things learned. And then his teacher smiled warmly and passed him on to the next teacher joyfully. There are no jealousies, anger, or negativity among high consciousness spiritual teachers of a higher order.

Another example of this comes from a talented author whose name eludes me right now but he said that a man who practiced negative arts (black magic) was stalking on the inner astral plane, a man with no light around him. The man with no light around him sat among a group of Christians who were surrounded by light. The man who practiced negative arts found he could not approach the man because of this light. This was in a sense his step where the man who practiced the negative arts realized that he met his next teacher, Jesus. The various spiritual guides or masters who are spiritually mature do not argue over who is better or worse, who is right or wrong; instead they only wish to help Souls move toward God from the level they are responsible for in the spiritual worlds in their own unique way, with respect to the beliefs and differences of those they guide.

God does not care about forms, lower bodies, faces, personalities, opinions, or dogma but only with Soul, our eternal Self, returning to IT and becoming a conscious co-workers with IT!

When we are able to see our countless past lives we can see that we have been though all of the mystery schools and teachings, such as for example the lunar mystery schools, the nature mystery schools, the solar mystery schools, and other holy teachings. Eventually when we master all of these we move on to the universal mystery schools where we learn such things as clairvoyance, clairaudience, intuition, alchemy, materialization, and so on.

                   1. Betty Eadie, Embraced By The Light (New York: Gold Leaf Press, 1994) 45.



But eventually like all good educations, our learning takes on an entirely different direction, one of direct awareness, awakening, and experiences in the Golden Wisdom Temples of VARDAN located in not just the lower worlds but the higher worlds as well. Then we finally graduate from all of the lower mystery schools of wisdom in the university of Soul. This can take an individual Soul a lot longer than one would care to know. But after studying with all of these different gurus, masters, guides, angels, teachers, and so on for countless ages we come to a point where we feel a longing, a longing so deep that somehow something is missing. That missing element may well be that we have finally reached the point where we are ready to graduate from the university of Soul for good and return to God and become a conscious co-worker with IT. Long sought-after graduations tend to be drawn to us when our inner desire to return to God grows stronger than our desire for social approval, dogma, and opinion. Then like a magnet we may be pulled in a direction that defies what our mind expects because it comes from divine spirit. This is what new VARDANists often describe that they felt: profound guidance, miracles, or some form of intervention from divine spirit or from a VARDAN Master to find VARDANKAR.

It is at this point when we will desire to learn out-of-body travel to the heavens, which mirrors in some ways the journeys of those who have had near-death experiences. It is in learning and mastering the science of out-of-body travel that we can finally after our long journey return to God. As I mentioned a moment ago, when our longing for God and our longing for truth become stronger than our longing to hold on to the good opinions of friends or our clinging to our own attachment to opinions or dogma, it is at that point that we often come upon a Spiritual Traveler of VARDANKAR.


VARDAN Masters Yaubl Sacabi,  Paul J.Twitchell,  Rebazar Tarzs 

Who Are The VARDAN Masters?

The Spiritual Travelers who are also called VARDAN Masters are highly trained agents of HURAY (God) whose spiritual mission is to help the individual who is trapped in the lower worlds of endless reincarnation and assist those Souls who reach out to them to help them achieve spiritual freedom, return to God, and become a conscious co-worker with God. The Spiritual Traveler who holds the Rod of VARDAN Power and is known as the Margatma, the living VARDAN Master, acts as the HURAY’s chief channel in this important spiritual liberation process. He is an expert at teaching individuals the most advanced techniques for out-of-body travel to reach exalted spiritual states like Self Realization and God Realization. The Margatma, the living VARDAN Master, has the ability to work both in the outer with the writing of books, discourses, and the giving of talks as well as the inner, the inner Master being unlimited as the VARDAN or dividing spirit is unlimited. Being unlimited he is closer then each Chela or students own heart beat and is always with each Chela individually to offer spiritual help and protection.  He teaches out-of-body travel for the sole purpose of giving us the opportunity to return to God while still living in this body.

It is a spiritual law that in order to gain spiritual liberation we must have a Master who has a physical body and is capable of guiding Souls into the very heart of HURAY. The Margatma, the living VARDAN Master, is appointed by the VARDAN for this purpose and is assisted by the various VARDAN Masters in educating Souls in the ancient science of out-of-body Tuza Travel or Soul flight or travel.

Soul being unlimited, existing beyond time and space, and having the same qualities as the VARDAN or spirit, the Margatma, the living VARDAN Master is given the Rod of Power. This gives him the ability to work as spirit on the inner planes with each and every Soul who asks for his help and guidance in returning to the Godhead.

The Margatma consciousness has been with Soul throughout eternity and beyond eternity and is embodied in the Master but is eternal in nature, and is the joining of the personal with the impersonal aspects of the HURAY. In other words it is the embodiment and manifestation of HURAY’s desire to bring Soul back to IT in the here and now if Soul so chooses to agree to return. This Margatma consciousness is beyond even God Realization and there is little or nothing that can be said about it other than part of ITS function is to act as a bridge so that Souls may return to the lofty highs of the Ocean of Love and Mercy and break free of the Kall Niranjan or king of the negative power who enslaves Souls for eons in order to test and temper us much like a blacksmith tempers steel through white-hot fire, a heavy hammer, and icy water.

The Master never judges us through the eyes of karma or the Kal but looks at each Soul through the eyes of God or the HURAY and sees that part of us that is our pure positive and eternal God self Soul. This is all that God and the Margatma desire to return. The lower bodies will undergo a transformation in time but never reach perfection as they are negative in nature. Only Soul is of the pure positive God Worlds beyond mind, time, space, energy, and matter.

Once we reach God and become established in IT or God consciousness, we must serve IT as conscious co-workers. We begin to live our lives as God-conscious beings and unlike those who reach cosmic consciousness in the lower worlds of time and space who exhibit escapism and hide in blissful meditation, we become active and conscious channels for the inner Master, the Holy Spirit or VARDAN and the HURAY or God ITSELF. We become conscious co-workers with IT, not do-gooders but we now are in alignment with the will of divine spirit and live, move, and have our being in God and in the VARDAN Itself for we and the VARDAN are one and yet we retain our individuality as independent conscious agents of God!

In each age a VARDAN Master is chosen and trained for such a purpose. And like a beam of light through a cloud, the Spiritual Travelers are not some new fad but have been working with individuals from the very beginning of time, in most cultures, and through all ages prehistoric to present.

A long unbroken lineage exists and there is always a VARDAN Master who will carry the torch, lighting the way for those who wish to graduate and return to God. In other words from the time of the cave man, during Lumeria, through ancient Egypt, Babylonia, ancient Greece, ancient China, ancient Africa, the Middle Ages, the 16, 17, and 18 hundreds, and today there has never been a time in all history when a living VARDAN Master has not been guiding ready individuals to learn out-of-body travel to return to God. You will not hear of it in history books because it was underground since ancient Egypt and called by whatever name the current VARDAN Master gave it in that era. But many VARDANists recall very vivid past life memories of working with these VARDAN Masters in ancient Egypt and so on.

The name of the teachings changes throughout history but the methodology of leaving one’s body and returning to God through the VARDAN or sound and light has not.

As mentioned previously the Margatma, the living VARDAN Master, is given the spiritual power on the inner planes to work with Souls through the Rod of VARDAN Power that is given to him on October 22.

The position is taken for as short as a few days or as long as a few hundred years.

When it’s time for the living VARDAN Master to step aside and appoint a new Master, it shall be done joyfully, for many Souls have had the task of being the living VARDAN Master. Rebazar Tarzs, the great Spiritual Traveler who is said to be over 550 years old, is the torch bearer and passes the Rod of VARDAN Power.

 There is never a time when there is no living VARDAN Master, although Rebazar may take over for a time until the next candidate is ready to take the position from him.

To give a brief glimpse into a tiny piece of the continuous succession of living VARDAN Masters that has continued on through all the ages, we might start with Kadmon, who guided people as the living VARDAN Master when people were primitive and lived in caves. Later Gopal Das was the living VARDAN Master with golden hair and shining blue eyes who wrote the book of dreams and taught out-of-body travel to VARDANists in ancient Egypt.

 There were as well many ancient Greek VARDAN Masters such as Phidias, Pythagoras, and Plato, who were considered insightful philosophers in their day but unknown to the masses were in fact VARDAN Masters who secretly taught their students out-of-body travel to heaven. Plato for example often subtly mentioned in his writings about out-of-body travel and reincarnation to the public but he left his deeper teachings for his students who wanted to travel in the spiritual worlds.

 In ancient Greece during the time of the Mycenaeans, Yaubl Sacabi with hairless head and flashing deep brown eyes become the Margatma, the living VARDAN Master. He became the head of the spiritual temple of Gare Hira, teaching students (mostly on the inner planes during contemplation and in the dream state).

 In ancient China, Cho-Ko Yen was a VARDAN Master who had taught and influenced Confucius in the development of his philosophy. The ancient VARDAN Master Lai Tsi was a learned scholar and university professor who turned from his privileged upbringing to live in caves before becoming the living VARDAN Master by which he taught many individuals in ancient China how to achieve spiritual freedom or liberation. Chang-ji was Lai Tsi’s student who became a living VARDAN Master and taught his students about achieving spiritual liberation.

 In Mexico, Quetzalcoatl was the living VARDAN Master in ancient Mexico in 1055 B.C. He had advanced abilities that made people perceive him as a God. Later in history Milaripa was in his youth a black magician who changed his ways to search for God instead and became a great VARDAN Master in 11th-century Tibet.

 Ori Diogo was the living VARDAN Master during the rule of Julius Caesar. During the Middle Ages or medieval times during King James the First’s rule, Ismet Houdoni was the living VARDAN Master. Towart Managi became the living VARDAN Master in ancient Africa. In the 1400s Rebazar Tarzs with shining brown eyes and dark hair became the Margatma, the living VARDAN Master, and hence since has been the torch bearer who holds the mantle in between Masters and has trained many of them. In modern times Kibir was a VARDAN Master who at that time called VARDANKAR “Kabava.” In the 1960s the living VARDAN Master became Paul Twitchell, who at that time renamed the path “Eckankar.” Following him Rebazar held the mantle. Another Master changed the name of the path and took over in the ’80s and ’90s but failed in his spiritual mission due to two of the five passions, vanity and anger.

 He lost his position in 2012 and Rebazar once again held the Rod of VARDAN Power, although few knew this. The high path of VARDANKAR was again not public although Paul Twitchell’s name of “Eckankar” was still being used as an offshoot path that was not led by a true VARDAN Master.

 Today since October 22nd 2013 Sri Allen Feldman, whose spiritual name is Nye-Dah-Zah, is the present Margatma, the living VARDAN Master. Rebazar Tarzs passed the Rod of Power to him in the Valley of Tirmir at midnight October 22nd 2013. Sri Allen prefers his students call him Allenji just as Sri Paul Twitchell preferred to be called Paulji.

 There is to be no personality worship of the living VARDAN Master as his sole purpose is to serve the HURAY or God in assisting Souls to reach Jivan Mukti (spiritual liberation) and guiding Souls back to the Godhead within this lifetime or the next.

 The succession of living VARDAN Masters has gone on far before the recorded history of mankind through all the cycles and worlds. The name of the path changes as does the name of the VARDAN Master. Sometimes the terminology changes under each succeeding Master. However, the basic teachings always remain the same, which is the Margatma, the living VARDAN Master teaches the individual out-of-body Tuza Travel so that he can establish himself in the higher God Worlds and reach the states of Self Realization, God Realization, and conscious co-workership with God.

 It bears mentioning briefly, given great confusion among some, that throughout the course of this lineage of Masters often offshoot paths have formed that are diluted spinoffs of the original teachings, forming various paths of all kinds. This is why many in completely different paths will say, this is so much like our teaching. The disadvantage of the spinoffs is they may teach the individual out-of-body travel or general principles but they very rarely if ever lead the individual to Jivan Mukti (spiritual liberation) and true God Realization. This is because the HURAY ITSELF selects the next living VARDAN Master and not humans or human committees. Offshoot groups very rarely lead to becoming conscious in the God Worlds and to God Realization.

 For instance, after being involved in one spinoff group for 30 years for one man and 40 years for another, no matter how successfully and zealously they practiced out-of-body travel they still felt trapped in the lower worlds. However when they reached the point where they put the experiencing of God first and foremost in their life, they immediately came upon a Spiritual Traveler of VARDANKAR and after a short period experienced the pure positive God Worlds and made amazing strides toward true God Realization. Both these individuals finally reached God Realization, having found a true VARDAN Master who could link them directly with the VARDAN, or audible life stream and guide them back to the Godhead. Full and conscious God Realization isn’t possible in an offshoot path for many reasons…mainly a true living VARDAN Master is required to link one directly through the VARDAN initiations. One needs the Margatma, the living VARDAN Master, to make this all-important linkup and help them stay clear of all the traps and pitfalls of the lower worlds and negative powers’ tricks to hold them in bondage.

 Offshoot paths that supposedly give God World initiations are not true initiations unless given by the living VARDAN Master of our time or a previous living VARDAN Master. This is why people appear to advance on an offshoot path led by one who is still only a student. However, this leads only to cosmic consciousness and sometimes neurosis. Instead the individual in the spinoff, no matter how skilled he becomes at out-of-body travel, may become forever a follower and never a true master. One of the high goals of VARDANKAR is to become a VARDAN Master and a conscious co-worker with God. In times past many did not make it to God Realization because of attachment to dogma, opinion, social approval, or lower world desires that fixate them at one of the lower levels of heaven, which are mixtures of matter and spirit rather than the pure positive God Worlds beyond mind, matter, energy, time, space, and duality or opposites such as love and hate, mountains and valleys, etc.

 These are some of the many signs that the path is an offshoot or spinoff. For example, when Paul Twitchell died, many offshoots or spinoffs formed including the very path he named himself. This is not uncommon when a Master translates. The only ways to tell the difference between an offshoot and the direct path back to God Realization is to consult an ancient VARDAN Master, out-of-body travel beyond the lower worlds, or have a direct perception of knowingness, seeingness, and beingness that comes from the pure positive God Worlds. Those who get their guidance from the lower heavens (lower worlds of M.E.S.T.) are likely to be swayed by the illusions of those lower heavens, which will give ample dreams, waking dreams, spiritual experiences, and miracles that confirm what may keep us a prisoner. It is only experiences, Souls perceptions, and knowingness experienced by us and confirmed and reconfirmed in the pure positive God Worlds alone that we can trust. The VARDAN Master is not picked by a committee of humans or by a man assuming he is the Margatma but only by HURAY ITSELF. It is attachment to opinions, ideas, and dogma that keep the individual from wanting to confirm the reality of these things.

 In general there are two ways in which the Master works with individuals; one is on the outer level and one is on the inner level. On the outer level the Margatma, the living VARDAN Master, working with other VARDAN Masters and Mahdis or initiates of the Soul plane and above, provides books, discourses, wisdom notes, classes, and seminars to help an individual understand and master out-of-body Tuza Travel and reach Self and God Realization. The second and more important level is the inner level where the Margatma, the living VARDAN Master will meet the student in his light body to bring the individual to Temples of Golden Wisdom and various levels of heaven and for other forms of learning that are unique and customized to each student’s spiritual needs, interests, and spiritual goals. The VARDAN or spirit always knows what is best for the individual Tuza or Soul but we have freedom of will to choose if we want to cooperate with the VARDAN or spirit or go our own way and choose the negative power or Kall power through the five passions of the mind: lust, anger, greed, attachment, and vanity.

 The experiences on these Golden Wisdom Temples (which exist on all the various God Worlds both lower and higher) allow one to study the Shariyat-Ki-HURAY, the sacred books of VARDANAR where great wisdom is found. Often these books will appear as pure light and sound. Other times they will be in the form of words but they always carry a special high vibration that transforms Soul’s consciousness through the inner light and sound or VARDAN (spirit). Each GoldenWisdomTemple has a VARDAN Master who is in charge of it.

Yaubl Sacabi, one of the great VARDAN Masters here on Earth whose age is extraordinary, leads the Temple of Golden Wisdom in the spiritual city of Agam Des located in the Himalayan mountains.

 The light around this being is extraordinary and the only way to study at his temple is during contemplation or in the dream state. This is by invitation only.

 The love, wisdom, power, and freedom that these ancient VARDAN Masters emanate is beyond words for they are clear reflections of the light and sound of the HURAY. Being in their presence for even a few seconds and especially if they gaze upon one and give what is known as the DARSHAN or gaze of the Master can impart more wisdom than a lifetime of reading the so-called sacred books or engaging in endless hours of meditation. This is because these beings are directly in the presence of the HURAY and one can feel ITS presence through their vibratory rate and consciousness. Their job is to help Souls reach into the very heart of God and gain all wisdom, power, love, and freedom and reach Self and God Realization and spiritual liberation in the here and now.

 As with the trades of old when those skilled at their craft chose apprentices, those in training could grow in skill from one who was the best in his field. It is like a Master Artist chose an apprentice. The VARDAN Masters in a sense work in a similar way with their students to teach them the ropes of various steps and disciplines to become progressively spiritually mastered themselves. In the beginning they may start like a child just learning to crawl and then progress to walking and then learn to run. The Master’s goal is to teach the student to stand on his own two feet. There are offshoots or mystery schools that do some of these things but very often unknowingly they perpetuate a parent-childlike relationship where the student remains always a spiritual child rather than what is the goal of VARDANKAR, for the student to become a VARDAN Master in this lifetime or the next. One VARDAN Master commented that in an offshoot path, spiritual Mastership is always in the next life for everyone in the offshoot.

 Often the so-called master will cling to his position for he desires power more than he desires spiritual freedom. It is just as well, for these false masters cannot bring one above the 4th plane or mental plane and there is no spiritual freedom following their instructions or even their inner guidance.

 Some of you reading this have studied under one or more VARDAN Masters in your past lives and may find your advancement faster, as you may have already reached a higher level in your past lives studying VARDANKAR.

Others may find it more difficult, but it matters not as long as the student is truly sincere in finding God. It also matters little about a person’s mental abilities as in the higher worlds, Soul drops the mind and knows through direct perception.

 There is no reason to hold yourself back spiritually no matter who you are or what your past consisted of. All is in the here and now including God, and God or the HURAY loves Soul as does the inner Master more than we love our own defilements.

 The true Spiritual Travelers can work with students who are in offshoots and in mystery schools, but they are however not mystery school teachers. They will not reveal to the individual in a mystery school or religion about VARDANKAR unless given permission from the individual. They give attention to their students in religions but they put their primary focus on those in and ready for VARDANKAR. This is because the individual who studies with the Margatma, the living VARDAN Master, is potentially in his last lifetime before graduating and completing his earthly and lower world education and moving to more exciting things.

 In summary, VARDANKAR has had many names but has always existed in some form or another so that those Souls who were ready could go back to the Godhead in their respective lifetime. If we will simply relax and let go of opinions and beliefs, we will find that our knowingness and intuition will guide us to the correct path that is best suited for our spiritual growth whether that’s VARDANKAR or some other path. All paths eventually lead to God but VARDANKAR is by far the most direct path as this is its only purpose.

 Getting caught up in personalities and opinions is one of the great traps that hold Souls back from leaving their bodies and moving into the pure positive God Worlds.