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Adept(s) – A VARDANKAR Master or VARDAN Masters who have reached true God Realization and Mastered out-of-body travel to the various levels of heaven including the Anami Lok or 10th plane. A VARDAN Adept is a conscious co-worker with HURAY (God). The ancient VARDAN Masters go back before man existed on Earth and some of them are reported to be hundreds and even thousands of years old dwelling in the same physical body. For example Sri Rebazar Tarzs, the torch bearer of VARDANKAR, appears to be in his early 30s. His true age is reported to be over 550 years.

Anami Lok – A level of heaven far beyond the lower heavens and deep into the pure positive God Worlds. The world of the Supreme Being the HURAY. The 10th plane, which is the center of the universes and the first heaven of God Realization. The light is brilliant white with sounds of a whirlpool. The word chanted is “HU.” This plane is well beyond the ability of human language to describe and must be experienced with the aid of the Spiritual Travelers.

Anger – See Five Passions of the mind.

Akashic Records – Records of Soul’s experiences in the physical and astral worlds and its karmic patterns, which are stored in the causal heaven or third plane. These are incomplete records; Soul does not truly see its past nor understand it, until it reaches the Soul records located on the fifth of ATMA LOK, the plane of Self Realization.

Agam Lok – A heaven in the pure positive God Worlds, which is also called the 9th plane. This plane has no matter, energy, space, time, or duality. It is a realm of pure spirit with intense white light and the sound is the music of woodwinds. Here Soul learns about itself as a creator and about the spiritual power. The word chanted for this plane is “HUK.”

Alakh Lok – A level of heaven in the pure positive God Worlds, which is also called the 6th plane. The light is pale yellow and the sound heard here resembles heavy wind. It is sometimes called the invisible plane. The word chanted is “SHANTI.”

Alaya Lok – A heavenly plane in the pure positive God Worlds. It is also called the 7th plane or endless plane. The light is white tinged pale yellow and it is so indescribably huge that its vastness goes on and on in a way that seems endless. The sound heard is that of deep humming and the word chanted is “ HUM.” Those who reach this world permanently have reached the Bhakti Initiation.

Ancient One – The Margatma, the living VARDAN Master is an expert in out-of-body travel and designated to guide the individual to learn out-of-body travel and reach Self and God Realization.

Astral Plane – The second plane. The plane of emotions. We cannot go beyond this plane using astral projection. A lower heaven located in what is called the lower worlds of M.E.S.T. (matter, energy, space, and time). The astral plane is considered the ultimate heaven by most even though it is not the heaven of spiritual freedom. The mid- and higher astral contains great beauty, heavenly sights, and impressive personalities but pales in comparison to the planes above it. Here and in all of the lower worlds of M.E.S.T., Soul is trapped in reincarnation. The astral plane is much larger than the physical and contains many regions ranging from the lower astral to the higher astral. The sound heard is the roar of the sea and the word chanted is KALA. It’s the source of much psychic phenomena such as spirits and some flying saucers.

Astral Body – The corresponding body Soul uses to interact with the astral and physical worlds. The body of emotions or emotional body. The astral body is also known as the radiant body and may appear like millions of sparkling stars. Some confuse the astral body with Soul, their eternal true God self. This confusion has caused much pain in the lower worlds and traps many Souls here. The astral body as well as all of the lower bodies are necessary instruments of expression for Soul who is too fine to interact with the coarse vibratory rate of the M.E.S.T. worlds (matter, energy, space, and time). (Also see astral plane.)

Astral Projection or Astral Travel – A very limited form of out-of-body travel involving splitting the astral sheath from the physical body. Limited to the physical and astral worlds and can cause various problems and even harm to those who practice it. A true Spiritual Traveler teaches out-of-body Tuza Travel, also known as Soul travel or Soul flight, and never astral projection.


BEING or BEINGNESS – An aspect of the ultimate reality of HURAY or God. The state of being. Pure Soul. Beyond mind. The state of the pure existence as pure VARDAN consciousness. The primordial VARDAN sound and light in static expression as ISNESS, in beingness and in Being there is no thing, nor requirement to act, only freedom and consciousness. The isness of God. To exist as pure conscious spirit or the VARDAN with total freedom. When all illusion ceases we find Beingness. A state that can be experienced through out-of-body Tuza Travel into the higher worlds of VARDAN or spirit. Beyond mind. Soul is the manifested beingness of HURAY (God). Thus we have the saying, “In him I live, move, and have my being.”

Bourchakoum – The VARDAN Masters who are detached adepts. They are detached from opinion, dogma, personality, religion, and the things of the lower worlds.


Causal Plane – The 3rd level of heaven in the lower worlds of matter, energy, time, and space where the Akashic records of Souls’ lives are stored. These are incomplete lower records. There is a white light that is tinged orange and the sound of bells can be heard here. This is a beautiful heaven but still a plane of reincarnation.

Contemplation – A form of spiritual exercise of practicing out-of-body travel to different levels of heaven for some divine purpose. Much more active than meditation; one learns to focus their attention and imagination and leave the physical body. Contemplation is one of the great keys to finding spiritual liberation and practicing out-of-body Tuza Travel in order to reach Self Realization, God Realization, and becoming a conscious co-worker with the HURAY or God of ITSELF. One can read the VARDAN books and contemplate upon them from different angles. This aids in spiritual growth and is known in VARDANKAR as “true contemplation of the VARDAN works.” The control of one’s attention and imagination is a key but paradoxically surrender is another. We must be neither for nor against but neutral, thereby allowing the VARDAN and inner Master to guide us to the proper place for our spiritual enfoldment at that moment within eternity. This can change from moment to moment, thus detachment must be learned as well as the control of one’s attention and imagination. True contemplation upon the VARDAN works helps build spiritual stamina. There are many other forms of contemplation and spiritual exercises found in the various VARDAN discourses that bring one closer and closer to God Realization within this lifetime.

Conscious Co-worker with God – Upon reaching God Realization and seeing the face of God, one expresses the great compassion and mercy of HURAY or God as they find they and the VARDAN are identical in substance and must be expressed in love and service to Souls who reside in the various planes, worlds, and heavens, in particular the lower worlds of imprisonment where Souls suffer great hardships for seemingly countless incarnations. This expression of great love and compassion comes from the very nature of Soul, which is a drop from the Ocean of Love and Mercy and is identical in substance to the HURAY and to the VARDAN or Holy Spirit and must flow down into the various planes to express ITSELF and ITS desire to have Souls return to IT. One becomes like a mighty river that feeds into an endless ocean and must flow onward and give life to all or risk drying up and suffering great hardships and enormous pain. This is the great pain of Soul when it is separated from the divine Godhead or HURAY, Soul’s true home in the pure positive God Worlds. Soul must express ITS BEINGNESS, ISNESS, NOWNESS, and HERENESS. It must accept total responsibility and give without thinking of reward. This is the beginning of true immortality and is one of the greatest pleasures of life. Death is the rejection of this principle and the desire to remain unconscious and unaware, in darkness and negativity. The HURAY or God allows Souls the freedom to choose for IT remains unconcerned about when Soul will return to IT, knowing that eventually Souls will return. Whether it’s in 10 years or 10 million years matters little to IT but in ITS compassion it offers a way for Soul to return in the here and now through VARDANKAR and the Margatma, the living VARDAN Master.

Cosmic Consciousness – A realization experienced on the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th level of heaven or astral, causal, mental, or etheric planes. It is often confused with God Realization as individuals are impressed by the cosmic consciousness realization. Individuals sometimes acquire special powers such as seeing the future or past. Centeredness in universal love, healing, performing miracles, speaking with impressive wisdom, and working with students on the inner planes are all some of the hallmarks. However it must be pointed out that those with cosmic consciousness, no matter what their powers, can never lead one into the pure positive God Worlds but only the worlds of the universal mind power from where this wisdom flows in the dual currents of positive and negative, matter, energy, space, and time. The lower worlds as well as cosmic consciousness is a mixture of matter and spirit and as one goes higher there is less matter and more spirit. The pure positive God Worlds on the other hand are worlds of pure spirit where Soul is unencumbered by a mind and other lower bodies and knows all things through direct perception as opposed to the cosmic consciousness state where Soul is perceiving through one or more lower bodies or sheaths that distort reality and blind Soul to its true home in the higher worlds.

Copper Age – One of the four cycles in the lower worlds, which include the Golden Age, Silver Age, Copper Age, and Iron Age. The Golden Age is when the world is highly positive like a utopia, whereas the Iron Age is a time of greater concentration of negativity. The Copper Age lasts approximately 864,000 years. Our current age, the Iron Age, will last approximately 432,000 years and started about 6,000 years ago.


Detachment – Letting go of excessive need or affection for our opinions, dogma, social approval, religion, the five passions, or anything of the material world in excess. Being neither for nor against. Ceasing to have questions but rather to simply be and engage in out-of-body Tuza Travel where we enter the worlds of seeing, knowing, and being. The worlds of direct perception. The lower worlds of time, matter, energy, and space trap Soul through identification. Soul learns identification, opinions, and dogma chain it to the lower worlds. Soul must practice detachment and surrender if it desires Self and God Realization within this lifetime. Soul only exists in the here and now and the true VARDAN initiate always dwells in the higher worlds. Attachment stops us from being aware by placing our attention on the negative or material worlds of mind.

Divine Spirit – The voice of God, which manifests as light and sound. The VARDAN. Divine power, divine spirit, or Holy Spirit. The sound current, which is a sound that flows from the Ocean of Love and Mercy. On the lower planes it is stepped down and split into positive and negative where it sustains all life. In the higher worlds of heaven it is the pure positive God force containing the sum total of all love, wisdom, power, freedom and beyond. It has two waves, a descending wave that moves from the heart of God downward into the lower worlds of time and space, and an ascending wave that moves upward back home to God. Soul is most concerned with the ascending wave that it may follow back into the heart of God.


Etheric Plane – The 4th level of heaven, which rests at the top of the mental plane. The unconscious or subconcious plane with white light tinged with purple. The source of the primitive. It is a beautiful heavenly plane with less matter and a greater concentration of spirit than the plane below it. It is so beautiful and captivating that most confuse it for the highest heaven, however it still exists in the lower worlds of reincarnation although the lifetimes of the beings here are almost beyond belief. Still the etheric body has a limited life as it is the final covering protecting pure Soul in these lower world planes.


Five Passions of the Mind – Soul’s attachments that keep it trapped in the lower worlds. These include lust, anger, greed, attachment, and vanity. The five passions are normal functions of the mind that are in excess, out of balance, and move Soul away from God Realization rather than toward it. Each passion has many brothers and sisters; for example, anger comes in many forms such as gossip, fault finding, excessive criticism, condemnation, etc. Vanity can be disguised as pride, self-assertiveness, making others wrong and us right, etc. These passions can keep Soul bound to the lower worlds of reincarnation including the physical, astral, causal, mental, and etheric planes or lower heavens of time and space. The negative power known as the Kal Niranjan has the job of keeping Souls down in the lower worlds for as long as possible in order to temper and perfect them. He uses the five passions as well as Maya or illusion to fool Souls into staying here. Soul’s job is to escape the lower worlds and return to the Soul plane and eventually the Godhead where the HURAY dwells. This is accomplished through the path of VARDANKAR, the ancient science of out-of-body Tuza Travel. Trying to solve the problems of the mind and other lower bodies using the mind only entangles Souls further in illusion.


Five Virtues – Mastering the virtues helps to free Soul to move into the pure positive God Worlds and end reincarnations. These five virtues include detachment, right discrimination, tolerance/forgiveness, contentment, and humility. However it must be said that we do not become obsessed with being righteous or “good” (see middle path) in order to find God but rather practice out-of-body Tuza Travel. From making contact with the VARDAN or divine spirit we find true love, wisdom, power, freedom, and beyond these qualities to pure beingness, seeing and knowing, and eventually omnipresence, omniscience, and omnipotence. As Jesus said, Seek first the kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you.
This means we work toward Self and God Realization and this of itself purifies our consciousness rather than attempting to purify it ourselves through the mind and delay the journey back to God in order to try and be more perfect in the physical consciousness. The lower bodies by their very nature are negative and mechanical in nature and at their best can only be instruments for Soul to use as tools or instruments. Soul needs these lower bodies in order to serve here in the lower worlds of time and space but no longer requires them once it leaves these lower worlds permanently.

Free Will – The individual has freedom of choice to align with the negative or Kal power or choose spirit or VARDAN and the path to the Godhead or HURAY. Soul must learn to choose the middle path of VARDANKAR and not be swayed to the right or the left.

Fubbi Quantz – The guardian of the Shariyat-Ki-HURAY at the Katsupari Monastery in Northern Tibet. Was the living VARDAN Master during 10th-century Persia. Reported to be over 900 years old and living in the same physical body although one would never guess his true age.


God Realization – When after working with the VARDAN Master many years we progress to higher and higher levels of heaven until we have a profound experience in the Anami Lok (10th level of heaven) of the HURAY ITSELF that is beyond description. The complete and conscious awareness of HURAY or God. Cannot be comprehended with the lower bodies but is the pure experience and awareness of the God state.

God Seeker – An individual who makes it his goal to progressively move to the experience and realization of HURAY (God). We eventually find that the more we seek God the more IT flees from us. This is because we are unfolding spiritually and are already in the presence of God and yet strangely we must go through periods of struggle and effort to find IT. We must learn detachment and yet be active in seeking God without pushing. We begin to learn the true meaning of the words from the living VARDAN Master. “I am always with you.” For we are unfolding rather than evolving, coming to greater and greater levels of awareness rather than climbing some imaginary spiritual ladder. We also learn the meaning of the Masters words… “the true VARDAN initiate always dwells in the higher worlds”.

God Worlds – When Soul graduates from the lower worlds or heavens of reincarnation it makes its permanent abode in the pure positive God Worlds. Prior we can visit with the assistance of a Spiritual Traveler. These are worlds beyond M.E.S.T. (matter, energy, space, and time) and beyond the lower bodies. Physical body, astral or emotional body, causal or memory body, mental body, and etheric or unconscious or primitive body. Few make it past these lower worlds without the help of the VARDAN Masters. When we reach the first of the true pure positive God Worlds known as the Soul plane or Atma Lok we have reached true Self Realization and met with the magnificent ruler there known as Sat Nam. One hair on his face is brighter than 10,000 suns and moons combined and He is the first true manifestation of God. After this we move higher and eventually to the Anami Lok or 10th plane, the first of God Realization.

Golden Age – The first of the four cycles in the lower worlds, which include the Golden Age, Silver Age, Copper Age, and Iron Age. The Golden Age is to many like utopia or heaven on Earth in the lower world prisons. Soul undergoes many such experiences as it incarnates on the wheel of 84 or transmigration. Soul will go through all of the 12 Zodiacs and experience almost countless lifetimes until finally it is ready to return through VARDANKAR, the ancient science of Tuza Travel and the aid of the Spiritual Travelers or VARDAN Masters.

Golden Wisdom Temples – These are places where VARDAN Masters impart spiritual wisdom on each of the planes or worlds including the pure positive God Worlds (heavens).Most VARDANists (students of VARDANKAR) study in these wisdom temples during the dream state, during contemplation, and at other times. Many are not consciously aware of this fact but later begin to remember or experience them during their spiritual exercises. The books studied here are the various volumes of the Shariat-Ki-HURAY. It is often seen as a brilliant white light although at other times as text. Most of the spiritual instructions that the student receives are on the inner planes and customized for the spiritual needs of the Chela or disciple. The outer instructions from the books and discourses etc. are also important but this inner study is where the most progress is made. This is one reason why the spiritual exercises are so important for they among many things enable us to become conscious of what is happening on the inner worlds. Often students are surprised or even shocked when they finally consciously remember their inner journeys and past lives!
Worlds of VARDAN – These worlds include all the spiritual planes of both the lower world heavens and the pure positive God Worlds.


Higher Worlds/Lower Worlds – There are two distinct levels of heaven. The lower heavens of matter, energy, time, and space are beautiful and mesmerizing, but they are still prisons of reincarnation. They are the worlds of the universal mind power. Then the second level of heavens is the pure positive God Worlds, which are pure spirit and Soul becomes spiritually free. These worlds are beyond the lower bodies of the physical body, astral or emotional body, causal or memory body, mental or mind body, and etheric or primitive/unconscious body. Separating the higher and lower worlds is a great void that some have encountered and declared that God is nothing. But this void is just a dividing line between the high mind or etheric body and the first true God World known as the Soul plane or Atma Lok where Soul reaches Jivan Mukti or spiritual liberation and then can move upward eventually into the 10th through 12th planes of true God Realization where dwells the HURAY. This can only be experienced through out-of-body Tuza Travel and a series of spiritual exercises known only to the VARDANists.

HU – An ancient, secret, and sacred name for HURAY (God), which is also the word for chanting in the Anami Lok, the 10th heaven. The spirit current. The essences of the universe, or prime mover, the HURAY.

HU Chant – An aspect of contemplation that is chanted as one focuses upon the spiritual eye and upon the object of contemplation.
Hukikat Lok – The 8th plane where the individual learns the God Knowledge. A plane in the pure positive God Worlds. Here there is a white light tinged with an even paler yellow and with sounds that resemble thousands of violins. Upon entering this plane Soul does not want to leave. Although Soul is far above the lower worlds of matter, energy, time, and space and partakes of enormous amounts of the God wisdom, this is still not the plane of God Realization. Soul has to yet learn about power and the proper use of power on the Agam Lok before moving on to the Anami Lok or 10th plane where Soul begins to find God Realization in this unspeakable world of blinding white light and sounds like that of a mighty whirlpool and that of the sound of HU (pronounced HUE).

HURAY – The essences of the universes, the supreme God, the highest God within the Ocean of Love and Mercy. Indefinable, formless, impersonal. Omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent, all knowing, all powerful, and all present. In a state of total awareness, total power, total wisdom, total love. The Dhunatmik is the inner part of HURAY, which is indescribable with no qualities that the lower world faculties can comprehend. The outer part is the Varnatmik, which can be expressed as the VARDAN, which can be seen and heard as light and sound. IT takes many forms so that ITS purpose can be carried out but no outer expression expresses ITS totality. It is always formless, all pervading, and impersonal. From it flows all and yet IT of ITSELF cannot be defined or quantified. It can only be experienced by each individual Soul through out-of-body Tuza or Soul Travel and the journey made back to IT so that Soul can take its rightful place as a conscious co-worker.
Soul finds that “I and the Father” are one. As Soul is a drop out of this formless indefinable Eternal Being, Soul too can express the many qualities of spirit of the VARDAN, but Soul like the HURAY or God is not any one quality but eternal and unchanging in nature. Few if any ever realize this but scramble to try and define who and what they are, not realizing that they are the God spark and can take on any qualities they desire for they are pure consciousness and formless in nature.
This is one purpose of surrender: to allow the HURAY to use one as ITS channel in whatever way is necessary without undue attention to form and custom. Cease to have opinions and let go of dogma and God will be given unto you when you desire it more than all else, for you and God are of the same substance.


Incarnation – The individual passes though cycles of births and deaths on Earth and other physical worlds and experiences many incarnations throughout the lower worlds (heavens) including the astral, causal, and mental planes. The fastest way to end this almost endless round of births and deaths is through VARDANKAR, the ancient science of out-of-body Tuza Travel. The slowest way is through trying to work out one’s karma through metaphysics, religion, morality, science, meditation prayer, false gurus, and various other activities that comprise the human condition. Spiritual liberation is found upon entering the Soul plane of 5th world beyond M.E.S.T. (matter, energy, space, and time) and establishing oneself there through the VARDANKAR initiations, out-of-body Tuza Travel, and working with the inner and outer Margatma, the living VARDAN Master.

Iron Age – Golden Age, Silver Age, Copper Age, and Iron Age, which are the four great Yugas or ages. This fourth cycle (Iron Age) lasts for 432,000 years. The Golden Age is the most positive, loving, spiritual, and utopia like. The Iron Age, which is the age we are in now, is the most negative. In it violence, war, famine, corruption, disease, and negativity are rampant. Soul gains spiritual mastery and strength by overcoming the five passions or perversions of the mind (lust, anger, greed, vanity, and attachment). Soul faces this great adversity in order to gain spiritual strength and Soul often clamors to return back to God. Many forget God when the cycle once again changes to a more positive one but some long and thirst for God no matter what the cycle or age might be. These are the truly ready Souls who desire God more than they desire the things of this world. They will find the Spiritual Travelers and return back to the Godhead no matter what age or cycle they are currently in. Most are not ready and will turn their face from God in favor of seeking solutions to their problems and petitioning their Gods much like a child petitions Santa Claus for Christmas gifts. Soul is eternal and cannot die, be pierced, broken, drowned, or burned. Therefore the HURAY or God remains uninterested in embodiments but only in Soul’s returning to IT. During an Iron Age there will be many false masters and teachers who make promises to the masses for health, wealth, power, and so forth. But these promises are short-lived and of no real benefit to the Soul who desires God above all else. They only prolong the incarnations on Earth by the following of false materialistic gurus and teachers.


Jivan Mukti – Spiritual liberation. To establish oneself in the Soul plane or Atma Lok during one’s lifetime. The state of true spiritual liberation where Soul reaches true Self Realization far beyond the so-called cosmic consciousness state. Jivan Mukti is above all the lower bodies and the universal mind power in the pure positive God Worlds of VARDAN. Soul being omnipresent can operate its lower bodies while in the higher states and always dwells in the higher God Worlds or heavens.

Kabir – A previous VARDAN Master who was the living VARDAN Master in the 16th century. In that time VARDANKAR was then called Kabava. He taught his students out-of-body travel to the spiritual planes.

Kal Force – or Kal Niranjan. The negative power personified in an individual Soul whose job is to hold Souls back from finding spiritual liberation above the lower worlds of time and space. The force that some call Satan. He uses everything in his disposal to imprison Souls in an almost endless series of incarnations. His tools include the five passions or perversions of the mind (lust, anger, greed, attachment, and vanity). These are normal states or functions of the lower bodies that have gone out of balance. He also uses illusion or Maya. Enticements and promises of fame, health, wealth, sex, power, money, gold, silver, great honors and accolades, popularity, human love, emotional love, drugs, alcohol, and many other “enticements.” False morality and dogma are two of his most effective tools as they hold Souls in a fixated state of consciousness and force Souls to run in mental and emotional grooves. Guilt and shame are other tools that make one feel he deserves to suffer and have his freedom, happiness, and peace of mind destroyed.
The Kal offers many promises and distractions including ideas about creating heaven on earth, utopias and in general distracting Soul from Its true goal of finding Self and God Realization in this lifetime. The Kal loves rituals, dogmatic religions, pompous ceremonies, and people who are all puffed up with self-importance and a holier-than-thou attitude (vanity). He also loves wild parties featuring self-destructive behavior, suicidal behaviors, depression, scandal, theft, false morality and idolatry, and worship of personalities or ideals that have nothing to do with Soul returning to God. The HURAY or God allows this because the Kal tempers Souls through countless experiences and lifetimes and is one of the main entities responsible for the education of Soul, through putting Souls through challenging experiences of adversity, negativity, darkness, and suffering to trap Soul in the lower worlds until Soul overcomes the adversity by learning to leave its physical body and travel into the higher worlds and eventually become a spiritual VARDAN Master. The Kal has two faces: the negative face that causes problems and the positive face that enamors the Soul to be contented, happy, and attached to a fixated state (illusion) in the lower worlds.

Karma – That of cause and effect. What Soul earns over lifetimes. One may earn “good karma” and “bad karma.” The living VARDAN Master can resolve one’s karma after the student receives the 2nd initiation or that of the ARAHATA. The fastest way of resolving one’s karma is to practice out-of-body Tuza Travel and become an initiate in VARDANKAR where the living VARDAN Master links one with the sound current that leads Soul back to God. The slowest way is through reincarnation and outward efforts to be good and live a righteous life. Example: trying to be a good, kind, and loving person. The first method of VARDANKAR can reach the goals in a matter of a few years while the second method may take millions of lifetimes.


Light – Conscious atoms moving through space as the VARDAN (divine spirit). The light and sound of HURAY (God) are emanations from God. One can hardly describe their nature but must experience them, for from them all creation is brought into beingness, all consciousness springs, and all is eternally sustained. Light is an expression of the HURAY that flows from the HURAY to the higher and lower worlds. It flows from the HURAY through each of the various worlds below IT and eventually splits into the dual streams of positive and negative. It brings and sustains all creation in the lower worlds, reaching down into the physical world. Then it returns as an ascending wave back up and into the very heart of God from where it emanated, its source the Ocean of Love and Mercy where dwells God or the mighty HURAY. The light illuminates the way, enlightens, makes visible, and gives direction. The sound current is more important for it draws Soul back into the very heart of HURAY or God. The light and sound together contain the sum total of all love, wisdom, power, and freedom and beyond. They contain all divine intelligence, seeing, knowing, and being as Soul and the VARDAN or audible life current are identical in substance. The light contains great wisdom but the sound is far greater for the light is a product of the sound moving through the various vibratory worlds.

Lower Planes – Lower worlds. These consist of the physical, astral, causal, mental, and etheric planes. These planes are what most call “heaven” or “the afterworld.” People experience these planes during a near-death experience or after death. The lower planes contain matter, energy, space, and time and are not heavens of freedom but places of reincarnation and bondage and exist for the education and tempering of Soul. The lower worlds are where the pPure Ppositive God force separates into the twin aspects of positive and negative. You cannot have mountains without valleys, love without hate. Soul also acquires the various bodies or sheaths that imprison it. These bodies are necessary for Soul to interact with the coarse vibrations in these lower worlds. For example Soul requires an etheric or primitive mind body, a mental body, an astral body, and a physical body. Eventually once Soul finds spiritual liberation, Soul learns to use these bodies as channels or tools to carry on its spiritual mission. But until Soul transcends the lower states of consciousness, these bodies do little more than cause pain and hardship as Soul experiences incarnation after incarnation in the various lower worlds. These are the planes or worlds of Maya or illusion.


Margatma Marharai – An initiate of the 13th circle in VARDANKAR.

Margatma Consciousness – The spiritual leader or God man who is the leader/head of VARDANKAR. His inner body is the VARDAN, the pure essence of divine spirit, light, and sound flowing from the Ocean of Love and Mercy. He is centered in a state beyond God consciousness known as the Margatma consciousness, which is beyond titles in philosophies and religions. On the inner level he is the light giver. It is the highest state of spiritual consciousness, being the personification of the HURAY or God’s desire to have Souls return to IT. This consciousness is aware of all things and is omnipresent. Therefore the Margatma, the living VARDAN Master on the inner is with each and every student and closer than their heartbeat. On the outer he is an ordinary man with a physical body as well as all the other lower bodies made of a mixture of matter and spirit. He constantly reminds his followers to never worship personalities but look to the VARDAN, the inner Master and the HURAY or God of ITSELF.
The Margatma, the living VARDAN Master is the bridge that spans the vast distance between the HURAY or God and the physical and other lower worlds of matter, energy, time, and space.
Man in his ignorance and vanity believes he can find God without a true Spiritual Traveler but all man does is get caught up in illusion. One cannot become spiritually free and liberated by following any of the religions, metaphysical groups, or lower world teachings, only through out-of-body Tuza (Soul) Travel under the living VARDAN Master.

Middle Path – The middle way, neutral, or neuter way. It is neither negative, positive, masculine, nor feminine. It is a state of being neither for nor against anything but neutral. It can also be spoken of as practicing neither black nor white magic but being and flowing in harmony with divine spirit.

Mystery School – Groupings of individuals led by a teacher for the spiritual education of Soul in the lower worlds. These may include the solar mysteries, lunar mysteries, and so on and eventually universal mysteries of the lower worlds. No mystery school leads to Self and God Realization but they do prepare Souls to eventually find the Margatma, the living VARDAN Master, and study VARDANKAR, the ancient science of out-of-body Tuza Travel to return consciously back to their source HURAY or God.


Near-Death Experience (NDE) – Some people have had traumatic experiences and as a result of nearly dying have left their physical bodies and experienced otherworldly phenomena such as visiting a heavenly realm, or seeing a white light or departed loved one. VARDANKAR allows one to safely visit the heavenly realms on a continuous basis without the need for drugs or physical danger, illness, or accident. The ancient science of leaving one’s body is a natural thing but it has been forgotten or suppressed and replaced with ignorance, fear, and superstition. The public is fascinated with near-death experiences (NDEs) but most are frightened, not realizing it can be done safely and painlessly through VARDANKAR, the ancient science of out-of-body Tuza (Soul) Travel.


Ocean of Love and Mercy – The HURAY ITSELF. God. The supreme being. The highest God. The essences of the universe. It contains the qualities of the HURAY. Within the 12th plane is the vast indescribable Ocean of Love and Mercy, which has been in existence and abode of HURAY for eternity. The divine VARDAN, light and sound flows from the Ocean of Love and Mercy, the ocean of God. Soul is a spark of God from its ocean. It can only express and exist in the lower worlds as consciousness. Within the ocean of HURAY is the God knowledge and all awareness from the HURAY. Pure conscious beingness, Isness, seeing, knowing. The sum total of all love, wisdom, power, and freedom and beyond this. The unmanifested and the manifested. Can only be experienced as pure Soul, which is identical in substance to spirit or VARDAN.

Omnipresence – Being all present. The beingness of being all present. The HURAY. We find Soul is identical in substance to the Holy Spirit or VARDAN, and therefore is beyond time and space. The Ocean of Love and Mercy where dwells the HURAY flows throughout all creation and we being a part of that are identical to IT in substance, therefore we find we can be in all places or focus our divine imagination in one place. We become fluid like water only without the limitations of mind, thought, or physicality. Pure spirit. Pure beingness. I am therefore I am. ISNESS.

Omnipotence – Being all powerful. The beingness of all power. The HURAY. Soul being of the same substance as spirit and identical to spirit, we find we can be an open conscious channel for the spiritual power. Soul must first gain discipline over its lower bodies and become conscious. Then Soul finds it of itself is the VARDAN and can act as ITS Agent or an Agent of God (HURAY)WE become conscious coworkers and free agents of God in order to carry out our spiritual missions whether it be on earth or in any number of lower and higher spiritual planes.

Omniscient – Being all knowing. The beingness of all knowing. The HURAY. Being identical in substance to spirit or the VARDAN, Soul upon awaking to its divine nature through out-of-body Tuza Travel soon finds it has the same qualities as spirit – wisdom, power, love, and freedom – although Soul is far more than any qualities since it is identical in substance to the HURAY or God and one can say little about it other than IT exists and has no qualities but is formless. Soul is the individualized expression of spirit although Soul also has another inner side that nothing can be said about, as it is static unmanifested consciousness with no qualities and indefinable.
Out-of-body Tuza (Soul) Travel – The releasing of one’s body, traveling through the lower worlds of time and space and entering into the ecstatic worlds of beingness, seeing, and knowing. This is achieved through a series of spiritual exercises taught in VARDANKAR.


Planes – The inner realms or heavens that Soul must travel through progressively to higher and higher heavens on its way back to returning to HURAY. These planes are divided into the lower worlds of duality, matter, energy, time, and space, and the higher pure positive God Worlds from the 5th plane or Soul plane on up. The lower worlds are a mixture of mostly matter with some spirit of VARDAN.
As one moves higher, say from the astral plane to the causal plane, there is less matter and more spirit, and the vibrations become more ethereal and finer.
However, Souls living in the lower worlds of heavens are trapped inside the various bodies that act as sheaths in order that Soul interacts with these lower vibration worlds.
Soul being a pure being of spirit or VARDAN and having no negative nature, no mind, no opposites or duality knows all things through direct perception, seeing, knowing, and being.  This beingness can be expressed as “I am therefore I am” also in I and the father are one.  Soul has a 360-degree viewpoint and is a happy entity composed of pure spirit and identical in substance to spirit and a part of the Body of God or HURAY and also the Ocean of Love and Mercy where dwells the HURAY on the 12th plane. Each plane is an entire world or universe where Souls live, move, and have their being. Using out-of-body Tuza Travel, Soul finds itself moving up through the physical, then to the astral or emotional plane, moving still higher to the causal or plane of memory, the mental or mind plane, and etheric or unconscious or primitive mind. Finally Soul through the aid of a true Spiritual Traveler goes past these lower worlds or prisons into the Soul plane or 5th plane and beyond. Most Souls get caught up in one of the many regions of the astral worlds that can be divided into tens of thousands of states of consciousness and places, continents, and areas ranging from darkness to bright light. The astral worlds are the source of great illusion and most confuse them for heaven. The confusion only ends when Soul begins in earnest to study with the Margatma, the living VARDAN Master and practices VARDANKAR, the ancient science of Tuza Travel.

Psychic Phenomena – Spiritual activities that occur below the soul plane in the lower worlds. This may include ghosts, entities, people who dabble in the use of abilities from the lower heavens, or travel with the astral body. According to VARDAN Masters there are dangers in dabbling with psychic phenomena. For example, one may risk being stuck in the lower astral plane or having some astral entity or spirit feed on one’s energy. Out-of-body Tuza Travel or Soul travel is safe when practiced under the watchful eye of the VARDAN Masters for the purpose of finding spiritual liberation. The VARDANist will develop many powers including telepathy, seeing into the past and future, being able to be with anyone regardless of distance, aiding those who have crossed over the borders of death, working with those residents of the various planes, tapping into the divine wisdom pool, reading people like one would read the headline of a newspaper, and many other abilities. However he or she must focus on service and God Realization and never misuse these newfound powers unless he or she desires to suffer great hardships. Usually the VARDANist will seldom if ever openly speak about their abilities for they understand they are granted to them by the spirit of God and by the living VARDAN Master for some spiritual purpose, usually the upliftment of mankind and never for personal materialistic gain for themselves. The Holy Spirit or VARDAN can never be misused unless one wants to pay a great price.

Practicing The Presence – A spiritual exercise of keeping the attention on the Spiritual Traveler or HURAY. We find the inner Master is always with us as close as our own heartbeat and we learn to become conscious of him. We also find he stands guard over the doorway to our consciousness when we place attention upon his inner form. The inner Master is the personalization of the VARDAN or divine spirit, therefore we must lean upon the inner Master until we can establish ourselves permanently in the higher God Worlds or heavens.


Rebazar Tarzs – A VARDAN Master living in the Himalayan Mountains who is reported to be over 550 years old living in the same physical body. He is the Torch bearer of VARDANKAR and is responsible for passing the VARDAN Rod of Power from one Master to the next and for holding the Rod of Power when necessary.

Reincarnation – The process of coming and going into a new body each time the individual soul re-enters the Earth for a lifetime. Reincarnation also includes incarnations in the various lower worlds including the astral, causal, mental, and etheric planes. Although these worlds often appear as the true heavens they are only temporary and not Soul’s true home, which is located in the pure positive God Worlds from the 5th or Soul plane on up into the very heart of God or HURAY (from the 10th through 12th planes and even beyond this). Soul is a prisoner in the lower worlds of M.E.S.T. (matter, energy, time, and space) and Soul’s duty is to escape these lower worlds. The negative power or Kal power’s job is to keep Soul incarnating on the Earth and various other worlds in order to temper Souls like fine steel at the hands of a blacksmith.
It is not until Soul recognizes the living VARDAN Master and realizes that VARDANKAR, the ancient science of out-of-body Tuza Travel, is its only way to permanently and consciously establish itself in the pure positive God Worlds that Soul has any hope of overcoming karma and reincarnation within this lifetime.

Right Discrimination – Being able to discriminate between what will bring us to God and what will delay our return to God.

Rami Nuri – The VARDAN Master who is the guardian of the Shariyat-Ki-HURAY at the House of Moksha, Temple of Golden Wisdom in the city of Retz on Venus. The vibrations here are superphysical but one can visit this temple and study on the inner during their spiritual exercises, during the dream state, and other times. His gaze is piercing and he has much wisdom to impart as do all the VARDAN Wisdom Temple Guardians.


Sach Khand – The soul plane or 5th plane, which is the true home of Soul. (See Soul plane.)

Sat Nam – The ruler of the Soul plane or 5th world. The governing being of all the heavens below. The first true manifestation of HURAY. One hair upon his face is said to be brighter than ten thousand suns and moons combined. He is the power, sound, light, and master element flowing into creation and sustaining everything below. Upon reaching him Soul gains Jivan Mukti or spiritual liberation and Self Realization. Upon meeting Sat Nam, Soul may continue on to higher and higher worlds of heaven with this great being’s blessings and that of the VARDAN Masters.

Satsang – Sat means true and sang means union as the union with the divine. A contact with the living VARDAN Master or one of his higher devotees. A spiritual class where the individual studies the VARDAN Master’s discourses. The Margatma, the living VARDAN Master is always with each of his students or Chelas on the inner therefore his presence may be felt during the class in a way that speeds up the spiritual progress of all members. Also the Satsang acts as a collective channel to bring the VARDAN into the world in order that Souls may find spiritual liberation in their respective lifetimes. One learns that one receives by giving and that helping Souls find Self and God Realization is the highest expression of divine love in these lower worlds or prisons. When Soul expresses ITSELF as the VARDAN or light and sound rather than as the Kall or negative power of duality and opposites, Soul begins to find true immortality and expression rather than the enslavement of the five passions of the mind that the Kal offers. In a Satsang class we find we may be refined in the presence of others in order to do God’s or HURAY’s work.

Self Realization – When the individual Soul enters the Soul plane or 5th heaven, the first true pure positive God plane or heaven, and perceives itself as pure spirit stripped of materiality and mind and awakens to its true essence and purpose to become a conscious co-worker with the HURAY or God. Not to be confused with cosmic consciousness, which is a lower world phenomena of the universal mind power. This is the illusion of reality or Maya that traps Soul in the lower worlds. Self Realization gives Jivan Mukti or spiritual liberation where Soul no longer has to reincarnate on any of the lower world planes and has worked out all its karma in the various lower worlds.

Seres – A race of people who existed approximately 100,000 years ago in another part of the universe on another planet. They grew to heights well over 12 feet tall, were highly intelligent, and had spiritual psychic powers in their Golden Age.

Shariyat-Ki-HURAY – The divine light and sound manifested into written form or direct perception and awareness. The divine teachings as studied under the God Realized VARDAN Masters in holy books. A different holy book is placed at each level of heaven in a VARDAN Temple of Golden Wisdom under a guardian or teacher. VARDANists during their spiritual exercises, dreams, and other times throughout the day are taken to these temples to study these great holy scriptures. Some will see these books as pure light and sound and some upon gazing into them find enormous wisdom, love, power, and freedom is imparted. Others may see the VARDAN Master in a class setting and study the words and wisdom upon their pages. All who study the Shariyat-Ki-HURAY are most fortunate for these books give the wisdom of the universes of God and how one can return to the Godhead in their respective lifetime. As of this writing, 2013, only 2 volumes are available in the physical. The rest must be studied by invitation only in the various Golden Wisdom Temples. More volumes will be released in the near future into this physical world. There are no books higher than the Shariyat-Ki-HURAY and anyone studying them is most fortunate.

Silver Age – The lower worlds have four cycles or divisions of time: the Golden Age, Silver Age, Copper Age, and Iron Age, which are the four great Yugas in the Maha Yuga. The Silver Age is the second cycle and lasts for 1,296,000 years. The Golden Age is most positive and utopia like. After the Golden Age follows the Silver Age, where a small amount of negativity appears, seasons form, and people may have to labor and begin working for their food. We are currently in the beginning stages of the Iron Age, which is the most negative. Soul must learn that the lower worlds where never intended as its permanent home but only as a school ground and prison. Until Soul learns out-of-body Tuza Travel or Soul flight under the living VARDAN Master, Soul is trapped on the wheel of 84 and revolves from age to age. Upon completion of the Maha Yuga, Soul is taken up into the etheric plane, where it sleeps until it’s ready to go through another long circle of birth and rebirth. This seemingly endless series of lifetimes on the various planets and lower world planes tempers Souls so that one day they may make the journey back to the Godhead and become conscious co-workers.

Sound Current – The HURAY’s expression of the VARDAN (divine spirit), which manifests as light and sound. The sound is the heavenly music of God upon which Soul rides, the divine current that flows through the worlds. It has a descending or outflowing wave and a returning or an ascending wave. Much like if you throw a pebble on a placid lake the ripples go out then return back to their source, or a radio tower emits a wave that returns back or bounces back upon itself, the returning wave is the wave that Soul follows and Soul is linked with during the VARDAN initiations with the inner and outer Master. This sound current, also known as the audible life stream, contains all wisdom, power, love, and freedom and is the nectar upon which Soul sustains itself and at the same time Soul is identical in substance to this. It is only in the lower worlds of time and space that consist mostly of matter and little spirit that we find darkness, illusion, pain, loneliness, and enslavement. The sound aides Soul in returning to its true homes in the higher worlds. It is impossible to make the journey without the sound current, VARDAN, or audible life stream.

Soul – Each individual is not their physical body but a divine spark of the HURAY. The spirit dwelling within that is one’s true nature. Soul is eternal, and beyond the lower bodies of the physical, astral (emotional), causal, mental, and etheric (subconscious or primitive). Although Soul has many qualities such as seeing, knowing, being, Isness, omnipresence, and omniscience, Soul is not these qualities and little or nothing can be said about it other than it exists beyond time and space and could strangely be called a nothing. Soul upon graduation from the lower worlds takes on various assignments as a conscious co-worker with God throughout eternity. This is possible in the here and now and there is no need to wait until the physical body dies. The VARDAN Masters are able to operate their physical and other lower bodies while consciously dwelling in the pure positive God Worlds including the Ocean of Love and Mercy where dwells the HURAY or one true God.

Spirit – See Divine Spirit.

Spiritual Exercises – Spiritual methods known only to the followers of VARDANKAR of out-of-body travel to visit the heavenly worlds through projection of inner consciousness. (See Out-of-Body Tuza Travel.) (See Contemplation.)

Spirituality – Caught rather than taught. The essence and prime impulses received through learning the spiritual secrets of life from the VARDAN Masters.


Tenth Plane – Also called the Anami Lok. (See Anami Lok.)

Tuza Travel – The leaving of one’s body in order to make the journey into the various lower and higher worlds of heaven and eventually reach the Anami Lok, where one finds God Realization. Known by several names such as Soul flight, Soul travel, out-of-body travel, out-of-body projection, etc. The word Tuza means Soul. Tuza Travel is the natural way for man to return back to God within his respective lifetime. One learns through the spiritual exercise of VARDANKAR to die daily and return to their body with conscious awareness of the ecstatic experiences of the various Worlds. He can meet with various VARDAN Masters in the various Golden Wisdom Temples located on each plane and study the Shariyat-Ki-HURAY. He can explore the astral museum or gardens, search through his past life causal records, and visit the various cities located on different planes, but mostly the true God seeker is focused on following the living VARDAN Master into the God Worlds for the purpose of reaching spiritual liberation, Self Realization, and God Realization, and becoming a conscious God Realized co-worker with the HURAY. The use of Tuza Travel for personal gain or manipulation is a violation of spiritual law and leads only to great hardships and additional karma. One learns detachment and that the five passions of the mind (lust, anger, greed, attachment, and vanity) are the enemy of spiritual freedom. One learns through Tuza Travel that these lower worlds are prisons and Soul must escape in order to be free. Once Soul makes the journey into the Soul plane or 5th plane and into the 10th plane of Anami Lok, Soul may return in order to consciously serve God in ITS divine plane. We can live the remainder of our physical lives with a detached viewpoint while consciously dwelling in the higher worlds at the same time. All of this is only possible if one is willing to let go of all preconceived notions, opinions, and dogma; otherwise they may have to wait many incarnations before being given another opportunity to study with the Margatma, the living VARDAN Master.


VARDANKAR – The path of the ancient science of out-of-body Tuza Travel. It is not a religion, metaphysics, philosophy, etc. but a spiritual path where the individual learns out-of-body travel to return to God in this lifetime. The path of total awareness. The light and sound containing the sum total of all love, wisdom, power, and freedom emanating from the Godhead. We learn that the lower worlds are prisons of M.E.S.T. (matter, energy, time, and space) and that we must first find spiritual liberation for ourselves on the Soul plane or 5th plane and then aid the Margatma, the living VARDAN Master, in liberating others from the wheel of 84 or transmigration and reincarnation. Then life becomes joyful for we are no longer in bondage to the negative power, the Kall Niranjan who keeps Souls in slavery and bondage as his servants.

VARDANist – A member or true disciple of VARDANKAR, one who spreads the message of VARDANKAR, a Chela or student of the living VARDAN Master, who works on the inner and outer in accord with the laws of VARDAN.

VARDAN – Divine spirit. Holy Spirit. The light and sound of HURAY (God). Not the HURAY ITSELF but that which flows out of the HURAY. True reality. The audible life current. That golden thread so thin as to be unbreakable and yet so fine as to be invisible. That which binds all beings on all planes together through all time and beyond time into eternity. All teachings contain a part of it but only VARDANKAR contains the whole as it is the most direct path back to God via out-of-body Tuza or Soul Travel. (See Divine Spirit.)

VARDAN Masters – Spiritual Travelers who are experts in out-of-body travel and like a Master Artist to his apprentice they teach the individual how to advance spiritually and return to HURAY (God). There have always been VARDAN Masters since before the beginning of time although they have had many different names. They are the true Spiritual Travelers. The way showers back to God. The spiritual God men who do not preach the message of the Kal or negative power of trying to make the Earth a paradise but teach Soul to escape these lower worlds in order to reach Jivan Muti (spiritual liberation) and God Realization. The living VARDAN Master holds the Rod of VARDAN Power and is given the responsibility of bringing Souls back to God. He is assisted by the VARDAN Masters although many of them are far more experienced than he and often the living VARDAN Master will take counsel from the Ancient VARDAN Masters, some of whom are wiser than imaginable having surrendered to the VARDAN (spirit) long ago and travel at will into the God Worlds.


Yaubl Sacabi – The VARDAN Master who is the guardian of the Shariyat-Ki-HURAY, the sacred book of VARDAN in the spiritual city of Agam Des. Many visit here during the dream state and contemplation. He is very old and was a VARDAN Master among the Mycenaeans of ancient Greece who existed from the period between 2000- 1700 B.C. Yauble Sacabi is still operating his physical body and appears to be in his 30s although his real age is beyond belief.


Zikar – The chanting of sacred words or words that have a high vibration or resonance. The Zikar is considered a part of the spiritual exercises.