VARDANKAR is the most direct path back to God via personal experience in the pure positive God Worlds through out-of-body Tuza Travel. It is not a religion, metaphysical system, or philosophy but does lead to the most profound and complete personal experience with God.

Self Realization is not the understanding of one’s mind, emotions, or lower self but the experience of our true eternal God self Soul upon entering consciously the Soul plane or 5th plane, which is beyond opposites, beyond the worlds of duality, and beyond matter, energy, time, space, and the mind and emotions of man. The experience of Self Realization is the profound experience of one’s God self at the Soul level and generally occurs consciously within 3 to 10 years of faithful practice of the spiritual exercises of VARDANKAR.


There are three purposes to VARDANKAR:

1. Self Realization

2. God Realization

3. Becoming a conscious co-worker with God or the HURAY

If you have gone through this website, watched some of the videos, heard some of the talks, and perhaps read some of the VARDANKAR books, it is of course totally up to you whether you decide to join.

It’s recommended that you listen to your inner guidance and make your own decision.

We never twist arms or try and convince in VARDANKAR. This is a decision for each individual.

Upon joining (if you do decide to join VARDANKAR), know that it leads to the most complete spiritual experience culminating in God Realization within this lifetime or the next lifetime.

Move beyond meditation to Self Realization and God Realization

However, VARDANKAR is not a free lunch and the path requires discipline and perseverance. 

The spiritual exercises of VARDANKAR require about 30 minutes per day with some members doing them twice a day for a total of about one hour per day.  In addition there is the study of books, discourses and so forth which can vary in study time from 1 hour per week to 10 hours per week or more depending on  your desire and schedule.   However it must be said that it is often quality, sincerity, desire, imagination and patience rather then time that determines our spiritual growth and some make leaps and bounds with just 30 minutes per day plus a minimum of reading and study.  Each person is an individual and there is no need to compare. Because of Dogma and false beliefs there is a danger we may misjudge and undermine our own spiritual progress. Most if not all religions and teachings hold the individual back through guilt, shame and self limiting ignorance. Soul being an eternal drop from the Ocean of Love and Mercy, and the HURAY (God), there is little need to forget our true God self and our Spiritual destiny.

There are several initiations that exist on both the inner planes and the outer (physical) that we go through so we can eventually establish ourselves as permanent residents of the various pure positive God Worlds through the spiritual exercises of VARDANKAR with the Margatma, the living VARDAN Master’s help and the help of other Spiritual Travelers.

In VARDANKAR we must build spiritual stamina.

This is because for many of you this will be your last incarnation in these lower worlds and you can for the first time resolve all of your karma within this lifetime and graduate from the endless wheel of life or the wheel of 84 where Souls spin around and around through various stages and lifetimes in order to gain lower world experiences.

This resolving of one’s karma occurs by working with the inner and outer Master in the dream state, the waking state, and during our spiritual exercises, which are done daily, either once a day or twice a day for 30 minutes or more.

Members are eligible for initiations and each initiation corresponds to one of the various planes. This is in order to establish us in that particular plane as permanent residents. For example, upon receiving the 5th initiation we would become permanent residents of the Soul plane or the area of Self Realization. This is a major victory for Soul, who now is consciously dwelling beyond the worlds of negativity, opposites, time, space, matter, and energy. In the world of seeing, knowing, being, isness, beingness, and omnipresence, Soul now knows not by the use of the lower bodies such as the mind or astral or emotional body but through direct perception with a 360-degree viewpoint!

Soul is now in conscious and direct contact with spirit or the VARDAN and the wisdom, power, freedom, and love are unspeakable, indescribable, beyond words, thoughts, or emotions, and must truly be experienced! There is an ISNESS, A BEINGNESS.

We truly understand I and the father are one.

And yet this is only the 5th region and Soul still has not touched the hem of God. Or reached into the 10th through 12th plane where dwells the HURAY or God in Its humble abode known as the Ocean of Love and Mercy.

When we enter into VARDANKAR we enter as acolytes or beginners. This does not mean we are any less than anyone else. It simply is a system we must work through and not a judgment or social rating scale, but a linkup with the light and sound at various levels of commitment and vibration.

The Margatma, the living VARDAN Master, prepares us on the inner planes as well as the outer to work out all our karma and return to God or HURAY. We must learn various lessons upon each plane and visit the various Golden Wisdom Temples located on each plane and study there on the inner through the dream state and during contemplation and other times throughout the day. We may be aware of this study or we may not. In the beginning it matters little whether we remember as long as we continue our spiritual exercises and true contemplation upon the VARDAN works by reading the books, listening to lectures, studying our discourses, and placing our attention on the VARDAN, the inner Master, and God or HURAY.

This preparation is why before getting your second initiation and being linked with the light and sound’s returning wave, one has to wait 2 years before requesting this initiation.

The only exception to this is if you are over the age of 60, in which case due to your age we only require you study for 1 year before requesting your 2nd initiation.

This 1 to 2 years of study is to not only make sure that VARDANKAR is truly right for you but also to build spiritual stamina so that we may work out all our physical karma during our 2nd initiation.

Once we receive the second initiation we begin to truly understand the words of all great VARDAN Masters. “The true VARDAN initiate always dwells in the higher worlds.”

We may or may not be permanent residents but the Spiritual Travelers bring Souls on the inner planes to whatever level or levels they have earned. All Souls come from the higher worlds as they are our true home. Soul being beyond time and space, we truly dwell in the higher worlds but most are asleep and unconscious of their divinity.

VARDANKAR and working with out-of-body Tuza Travel and the Margatma, the living VARDAN Master through the initiations wakes Soul up and we begin to move or unfold into the higher realizations as quickly or slowly as we can let go and learn detachment.

The living VARDAN Master will take the student at his own pace and never beyond the point he can handle. However, there are times where one may feel like a rubber band being stretched and then we snap back. This may happen over and over again as the Master tests us and stretches our consciousness. Then one day we do not snap back and we have learned a higher level of detachment and established ourselves in the higher state of consciousness and co-workership.

We can handle more of the VARDAN flowing through us and are creatures anew.

This is one way the inner Master works: through testing and stretching the individual’s state of consciousness in order to bring about a greater state of consciousness and prepare the individual for God Realization. One must learn detachment and let go. Also one has to at some point learn spiritual discipline unless they want to suffer great hardships.

We must be sincere and seek God to the best of our abilities.

During this period of the acolyte or beginning student, we ask that the student or Chela cease to study other works.

This is because you cannot follow two paths at the same time nor two Masters at the same time any more than one would be wise to ride two horses at the same time.

After 2 years we may then study other paths and see them from the VARDAN perspective.

We can now work out our earthly karma and truly begin our journey back to the Godhead.

We are more directly linked with the VARDAN or inner light and sound via the Master and thus our spiritual life is in his hands.

Anyone who uses any type of illegal drugs must stop before joining. This includes the use of marijuana even if it’s legal in your state or country. This is because these drugs interfere with our spiritual growth, trap one on the astral plane, poke holes in the aura, and are very dangerous when mixed with out-of-body Tuza Travel.

Whatever you decide, this is your decision and it is yours alone. Whether it takes you 1 day or 1 year to decide, this is entirely up to you and your responsibility.


Know that some of you have studied VARDANKAR under different names during different incarnations and all of this may feel familiar. Some of you have left VARDANKAR for various reasons, usually vanity or attachment, and are here to come back. To you, welcome back. Only the present moment within eternity exists and our past is only as alive as the amount of attention we place upon it or if we choose to bring it into the present moment.  Know you can reach the goals of VARDANKAR or Self and God Realization if your desire for God or HURAY is strong enough that you’re willing to let go of all opinions and cherished beliefs and practice the most direct path back to God: VARDANKAR, the ancient science of Tuza Travel.

Whatever your decision, whether it’s to join VARDANKAR or not, in closing I wish to thank you for reading and say…

May the blessings be.

      Sri Allen Feldman

      The Margatma, the Living VARDAN Master


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