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Many individuals have experienced an out-of-body experience, a spiritual dream, a sudden realization of wisdom or a near-death experience of some heavenly world. After this pivotal life-changing miracle, many savor their experience but in time forget it, not accessing its secret purpose by not realizing the experience is not an end in itself, but a beginning; an invitation from God, HURAY, to use like a ticket to gain entry to far greater invisible worlds of Self- and God-Realization, unknown to the masses.

This is the essence of what word secretly called Ecstasis, and today we call VARDANKAR. In describing VARDANKAR, Sri Allen Feldman said, "VARDANKAR, the Ancient Science of Out of Body Soul Projection, or Tuza Travel, goes back way before any time in human history. It is the natural method of Soul leaving its body, and returning back to the Godhead."


REBAZAR TARZS!! Out of Body, OBE, VARDANKAR excerpts from new book Dialogues With Rebazar Tarzs!

Deeper levels of Heaven

There are far deeper levels of heaven that very few have seen called “The Pure Positive God Worlds” such as the Soul Plane. Students of VARDANKAR have been trained in secret practices of out of body travel in which the student can learn to consciously visit these much higher levels of heavens called the Pure Positive God Worlds, worlds pure white spirit light, holy sound and seeing, knowing, being and a profound sense of freedom unlike anything they have ever experienced before.

VARDANKAR, The Most Direct Path

Today this ancient practice of out of body Soul or Tuza Travel is being taught by individuals who have reached a certain level of mastery. Meaning they can consciously visit different levels of heaven. This sort of Mastery is called at the preliminary level Self Realization and then at the more advanced level God Realization and VARDAN Mastership. The word “VARDAN” means spirit, implying gaining awareness into the science of spirit. It ususally takes between 5 to 15 years for a VARDANist to reach Self Realization and it usually takes 15 to 35 years to reach God Realization and VARDAN Mastership.

The most recent Living VARDAN Master Sri Allen Feldman was trained for over 30 years and has been teaching little under a decade. Students from around the world have sent letters of great love and gratitude to Allenji for deep spiritual gifts and spiritual unfoldment they experienced in visiting various heavenly planes by practicing his methods taught in discourses, books and lectures. Now he has passed into the other worlds and since then his wife Sra Heather Giamboi who is also a VARDAN Master has been asked to now be what is called the interim Master. Heatherji whose spiritual name is Gah-Shy-Zah has become the outer Teacher of VARDANKAR.

Allenji had often said what his predecessor Peddar Zask said, “Vardankar is not the only path to God but it is the most direct path to God.” And “An infant cannot gain nourishment from a deceased mother. It is the same with Masters; just as a student cannot gain spiritual nourishment from a deceased Master.” Meaning the Master has to have a physical body and other lower bodies to be able to help students make the leap in consciousness or inner link up with the Light and Sound Current of God, also called Divine Spirit on what is called the “Returning Wave”. The returning wave is a sound current students ride which carries them like an ocean wave home to God. In addition to this Gah-Shy-Zah is assisted by a very Highly Experienced VARDAN Master Rebazar Tarzs who has taken on the mantle of being the inner Master or “Margatma”. This is a special type of Master has the ability to help individuals transcend limitations that are normally not possible such as karma and reincarnation and other impediments that limit an individual from experiencing greater Love, Power, Wisdom and Freedom. Sra Heather Giamboi is the current interim Master. Many students have had profound experiences with Heatherji and Allenji and deeply profound out of body experiences with Rebazar Tarzs.


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VARDANKAR: The Ancient Science of Out of Body Soul Projection

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Comments from Students

Nancy G.

Allenji is an outstandingly bright light in this world. His love, wisdom, guidance and humor has changed my life immensely. I am truly blessed by knowing him! With heartfelt gratitude for ALL he and Heatherji do for me and so many others…

Audrey C.

I have been so fortunate to befriend Allen. He makes me giggle. He's such a bundle of joy to know and has uplifted my life so much. He just keeps giving no matter what and asking nothing in return. A very special Soul.

Keith Marciniak

For those of us fortunate enough to know Allen, it goes without saying how much we love and cherish our relationship with him every day. Allen is that "light" that shines down from the heavens above like a lighthouse that illuminates the path for ships navigating treacherous waters at night. He is a spiritual Way shower providing unconditional love, wisdom and support to all those in need and never expecting anything in return. I am forever grateful for everything Allenji and Heatherji have done for me over the years…Allen and Heather..I love you both. May the Blessings Be.

Claire Butler

Never has one person made such a profound impact on my Spirituality. I am always humbled by his guidance and love for his fellowman. The world is an amazing place with him in it.

Thea Cruz

I've known Allen for a few years. He is caring for others more than he cares for himself. Allen has a wonderful sense of humor and intellect. He & I would creatively exchange emails for hours. He is a special and great human being and is aware of when it is time to be humorous and when to be very sincere as well as a combination of both! …Allen is a very precious Soul…May the blessings be.

Vincent Ye

Allen is a very wise, loving and patient teacher and I consider him both a friend as well as a mentor. I have no doubt that I would not be where I am today without him as he was there for me in my time of need. I hope others get the opportunity to see him for who he really is in this lifetime.

Rob B.

From the beginning sensed something special about this man, and I was not wrong. Allen is an incredibly giving, kind person who gives of his time without limit, I am a much better person because of him in my life! I truly appreciate you... May you be blessed.

Andrea Carson

Heatherji and Allenji both give so much of themselves without expecting anything in return. I've often wondered how they do it! They have also shouldered so much of this on their own, not wanting to burden others. They keep serving with giving hearts and a great love for people. It has been so refreshing to know them and to have restored hope that there are those out there that serve wisely, in purity, and selflessly. Thank you, Heatherji, for working so hard and not giving up. Wishing you both the very best!

Ernesto Rodriguez

Allen , is truthful loving person , we all need a shinning light like him on this world . I appreciate him deeply , despite his situation ,he keeps giving his kindness to anybody who is ready to receive it . I have known him for quite a bit of time already , it has been a great privilege for me ; and I am sure a lot of people will agree with me on this . I just wish the best out of this world for him and his wife Heather

Edgar Carreno

Allen is the most loving individual with a ruthless determination for service to anyone and all that has been privileged enough to receive his aid. He has never given up on aiding me even when his health was severely failing him. I hope that …we may continue to enjoy his presence for many years to come.

Jiajia Xue

Allen is not only a loving and joyful person but mostly a giving, humble Soul. His spiritual knowingness and strength are inspiring to me and many others. There is so much need of the light emitting from Allen in this world.

Ruzena Korcek

We are all blessed by knowing this kind, loving man who would give everything to help us on our spiritual journey. Now is the time we want to pour all that enormous amount of unconditional love back to his heart to be healed…May the Blessings Be.

Karlis Badger

I came to know Both Allen and his wife Heather a few years back. Both are very wonderful people. I hate so much that Allen has been suffering so much health wise. He's a very loving and caring person. Just speaking with him over the phone you would… never know he was going through so many health issues. He's always so jovial when talking to him. He makes me smile just hearing him laugh. I think Heather is doing a fantastic job taking care of him. Both of you are two incredible souls

Jonathon Haddon

I wish you well Allenji. You have helped many including myself immensely and I hope you can continue to do so in good health.

Linda Newhouse

I have known Allen for several years now and he is one of the kindest and compassionate Individuals that I have had the fortune to meet. He is an inspiration to everyone who knows him.

John Rushton

Those of us blessed to know Allen are the most fortunate. I've know him for several years and he always gives his time freely. It is a joy to be in his presence and I could listen to him for hours. Such a fountain of knowledge on, it would seem,  every subject! I wish him well…

Edward Raye

I have known Allen for almost five years now. He is the best man I know. He is kind, compassionate and patient. He is a great spiritual teacher.

Christian Barnes

I cannot begin to put into words the impact Allen has had on my life. What he has taught me, through his spoken and written words, have been so deeply inspirational and helpful. Ultimately, it is what he has given me in a spiritual sense that has… caused such a profound transformation in every dimension of my being. The light of his presence has brought me much hope, and he has shared his love and wisdom so selflessly, I am humbled by what his life stands for. How does one show sufficient gratitude for such gifts? I do not know. May any benefit that may come from this small gift be in accord with the will of God. I love you Allen, and I feel blessed beyond compare to have you in my life.

Jeffrey Blunt

What stands out about Allen is his great depth of knowledge in spiritual matters. Not only does he have this insight but he presents this knowledge in the most positive way along with sincerity and occasional humor.

Jesse Forbes

I've known Allen for a number of years now, and he never ceases to impress me with his practical knowhow, his humor and his wisdom. His penchant for freely giving assistance to others is inspirational, and one that I struggle to achieve. He is adamant that he not burden people with his health issue, which is a testimonial to his selfless nature

Evan Rodriguez

Allen is very kind and loving. He's the kind of person who's words fill you with joy and inspiration and his sense of humor allows you to see the bright side of things. He's a blessing to all who have the privilege to know him, and any donation will go a long way to helping not just him, but all those who know and love him. Whenever anyone he knows has a problem, he selflessly helps to the greatest extent he can, with no thought for personal gain. A true shining light upon the world

Armin Schramm

Dearest Allenji I have never met you, but when I started reading your books and listening to some of your talks I felt like that I know you.. like an old friend. I felt very saddened to hear about your health challenges and I felt great compassion… for you and I wanted to help. ..I can not see you in any other way but being well and enjoying your life and so it will be. Out of no way a way will be found Warm regards Armin New Zealand

Eleasar Fraga

Allen Feldman is a kind and generous man. I wish him and his loved ones the best.

Shawn Doucet

I feel that Allen is the most deserving of people and I appreciate all that he has done for me.

Keith M.

Always on my mind Allenji