The VARDAN Masters who are true Spiritual Travelers of the pure positive God Worlds or heavens have always said that VARDANKAR is not the only path back to God but it is the most direct path back to God. By direct they are referring to reaching Self and God Realization, God Realization being total awareness and one’s profound experience of seeing the face of God.

First we reach the Soul plane or Atma Lok, which is the first of the pure positive God Worlds beyond M.E.S.T. (matter, energy, space, and time). Here we are above the mind and other lower bodies or sheaths that impede Soul and we now have a 360-degree viewpoint. We find upon entering the Soul plane pure seeing, knowing, and being and know through direct perception rather than through the mind. It is here we find Jivan Mukti or spiritual liberation or freedom within this lifetime, and no longer have to incarnate in the lower worlds of time and space but are free to soar even higher, eventually into the very heart of God ITSELF, the Ocean of Love and Mercy where IT dwells. The word VARDAN means spirit, that voice that emanates from God as pure consciousness, light, and sound, and contains the sum total of all love, wisdom, freedom, power, and beyond. We can follow this voice of God into the various planes or worlds of heaven. It is the essence emanating from the Godhead but not God of ITSELF. This wave of light and sound or spirit creates and sustains all and Soul, our true eternal self, is identical in substance to IT although Souls retain their individuality throughout eternity to become conscious co-workers with God.


This spirit or VARDAN has a descending wave that moves out and down and sustains all the worlds below it, and it has an ascending or returning wave that moves back up from the physical back into the very heart of HURAY or God ITSELF.

 It is the returning wave that we must listen to and use in our journey back to IT.

 Once Soul begins to partake of this returning wave, Soul is driven and becomes the hound of heaven. It is Soul’s duty to return back to God riding this wave and it is the duty of the lower world rulers who appear like powerful men or light-filled beings to hold Soul imprisoned within the lower worlds of mind and matter.

Yaubl Sacabi

The great HURAY or God dwells far beyond man’s imagination in the higher worlds or pure positive God Worlds beyond time, space, duality, mind, and emotions or what can be viewed in out-of-body Tuza Travel as the “astral and mental plane influences or negative influences that enslave Souls and bind Souls to mind and matter.”

Again these negative worlds of enslavement are known as the lower worlds, and although some of them appear to be heaven to those Souls who visit or reside in them, they are not Soul’s true home but only a sort of school ground where Souls receive an education so that they may someday return back to the Godhead or Ocean of Love and Mercy, reunite with God, reach total awareness, and become conscious co-workers throughout eternity.

At this level of total awareness of what is known as God Realization, Soul does not lose its individuality. Few reach this lofty level due to the negative pull of the lower worlds and their rulers, whose solemn duty is to hold Souls for as long as possible in (M.E.S.T.) matter, energy, space, and time.

Fubbi Quantz
Rebazar Tarzs

For most men the middle astral is as far as they go. It is only the 2nd plane of emotions but the middle astral to high astral is a beautiful place when compared to the Earth world. Some Souls make it into the causal or 3rd heaven or world and still fewer make it to the mental or 4th plane or heaven.

Upon entering each of the planes of the lower worlds, Souls must take on the corresponding body of that plane, so upon entering the physical Soul must take on a physical body.

As Souls descend into the lower worlds they take on several bodies, each one denser than the next. These bodies are necessary in order to allow Souls to interact with the coarse vibratory rate of the lower worlds, which consist mostly of matter and mind mixed with correspondingly lower and lower amounts of spirit or the VARDAN.

Again these lower worlds are not the true worlds of God but lower worlds of time, space, and mind. Some call them the universal mind worlds, for the universal mind power spins illusion upon illusion in its effort to delay Soul’s journey past it into the Soul plane of spiritual liberation and beyond.

In these lower worlds, Souls are not free but slaves to their own lower bodies and the negative consciousness of the Kal Niranjan or negative power who holds Souls in his grasp through the five passions of the mind – anger, lust, greed, vanity, and attachment – until a Spiritual Traveler comes along to free Soul through the ancient science of out-of-body Tuza Travel, the term Tuza Travel meaning Soul travel or Soul flight.

Much suffering is caused by Soul’s apparent separation from the heart of God and dealing with these lower bodies, worlds, and the negative power who is in charge of them for the entrapment of Soul. Soul undergoes an immense number of incarnations or lifetimes not only in the physical or Earth world but on the astral, causal, mental, and even etheric planes.

Many Souls are fooled by the twin aspects of these lower worlds. Just as Soul cries out in pain, it may go through incarnations that are pleasant and appear positive in nature.

But this is simply the play of Maya or illusion, for no matter how positive an experience in the lower worlds may appear, Soul is in a sort of prison and will not be truly free until finding conscious God Realization through out-of-body Tuza or Soul Travel.

Each body is finer and contains less and less matter as it gets closer to the Soul plane, the first world of pure spirit. But as long as Soul is covered inside of these bodies much like a series of Russian dolls one inside the other, Soul experiences illusion or Maya and cannot reach Jivan Mukti or spiritual liberation.

The only quick way to overcome this enslavement is to find the Spiritual Traveler and take his instructions on how to leave one’s body and make the journey through the various planes and into the very heart of God where dwells the HURAY or one true God.

To understand our purpose, we must understand that the HURAY is unconcerned with our lower bodies, only with our true eternal God self Soul as the HURAY has created a system of planes, heavens, and rulers who administer Soul’s education.

The universes and planes run almost on automatic pilot and being beyond time and space, the HURAY allows Souls as much time as they desire or require to return to IT, remaining unconcerned and knowing that all Souls will return to IT eventually although for some it may take millions or even billions of Earth years.

In the lower worlds of M.E.S.T. all creation is finished and we are only manifesting that which already has been created. The lower worlds are finished and mechanical in nature. They again where never meant to be Soul’s true home but only aid as a system of education.

We must learn to leave our bodies with the aid of the Spiritual Travelers and follow the path of VARDANKAR, which is the most direct path back to HURAY or God.

We must learn to die daily and then return to our lower bodies, being born anew from the expanded states of awareness that only Soul, our true God self, can acquire through reaching into the higher pure positive God Worlds of seeing, knowing, and being where Soul knows through direct perception without the handicap of the mind and other lower bodies.

The HURAY’s vibrations are so high and fine, being far beyond duality that IT of ITSELF cannot interact directly with the Souls on Earth but the Soul’s inhabiting earthly bodies must raise their conscious awareness and vibration and travel to ITS level, which is far beyond human understanding but Soul our true God self can and eventually does experience! In VARDANKAR this experience of God awareness can come in this very lifetime as there is no need to wait for the passing of the physical body!  To reach into the heart of God or HURAY, we first must begin to drop all earthly attachments, cease to have opinions, and learn out-of-body Tuza Travel. Then we may under the care of a true Spiritual Traveler return back to the highest God HURAY. In other words the Soul, our true self, must travel back to God! God does not travel down to us in the human consciousness level. This is not possible.

However, the Margatma, the living VARDAN Master’s job is to act as the representative for HURAY to give aid and comfort as Souls make their journey back to the Godhead.

The HURAY or God works through the living VARDAN Master outwardly but more important inwardly. He is a bridge and is necessary due to the huge gulf or gap between the humble abode of the HURAY and the coarse lower worlds of time and space.

The little self, consisting of the physical, astral (emotional), causal and mental bodies, cannot travel back to God. These bodies are mechanical in nature, mixed with matter and mind, and have a vibratory rate far too coarse to travel past their own respective domain or plane of origin.

Therefore the astral body cannot go past the astral world or astral heaven. The mental body cannot travel past the mental plane heaven and so forth.

Why some attempt this is beyond reason but it’s mostly due to the gross ignorance that exists about the vast difference between Soul, our true pure positive eternal God self, and the lower bodies or little self. It seems almost all worship the Kal or negative power in the form of either the astral or emotional forces on the astral plane or the mental forces on the causal and mental planes.

These forces are worshiped and millions petition them to give them aid and comfort in their daily life. While the VARDAN Masters may offer spiritual protection and aid, they are generally not interested in the mundane day-to-day activities but only in Souls consciously returning to the Godhead. While religionists and metaphysicians offer promises of material and emotional riches, the VARDAN Masters offer none of this but only God. It is true that upon finding God one may find material riches, health, wealth etc. but this should be of little concern compared with finding spiritual liberation through Self Realization and God Realization.

Very few make it beyond these lower worlds, most due to the fact that each correspondingly higher plane or world of heaven appears brighter in light and finer in sound, therefore Soul becomes enamored and in its ignorance does not realize it is still trapped in the lower worlds although some of these worlds are filled with bliss. Soul is not spiritually free until it crosses the void of the etheric or primitive mind and reaches the ATMA or Soul plane, which is the first of the pure positive God Worlds. This is where Soul receives Self Realization but few reach this point, most being trapped in the astral or mental and mistaking these lower realizations for Self Realization or even God Realization!

Our true self Soul must take flight and leave the body under the watchful eye of a true Spiritual Traveler and VARDAN Master. Then, unencumbered by our lower bodies, we can experience IT, God, or HURAY for there is little or nothing one can say about IT.

The paradox is this….although God or HURAY is unconcerned about ITS own creation, knowing that all will return to IT within eternity and that all the rulers, Masters, and spiritual hierarchy are administering ITS infinite worlds upon worlds, HURAY or God, dwelling in ITS humble abode the Ocean of Love and Mercy and being infinitely compassionate and merciful, always gives the Souls on earth and all of the lower worlds the opportunity to return to IT in the here and now.

 For Soul to reach true Self Realization and God Realization in one lifetime there is always a Margatma, the living VARDAN Master, who on the outer is like any other man. However the Margatma, the living VARDAN Master, is given the Rod of VARDAN Power and in this state his job is to aid those Souls who desire to return back to God within this lifetime, since God or HURAY cannot lower ITS vibration and is unconcerned about when Soul returns to IT and yet paradoxically out of ITS infinite love and mercy, provides a way for Souls to return within their lifetime in the here and now.

For this purpose IT appoints a Soul who of course must have all of the necessary lower bodies. This Soul, known as the Margatma, the living VARDAN Master, changes constantly as he is appointed by God or HURAY for the sole purpose of aiding Soul’s return.

Sri Allen Feldman the current Margatma the living VARDAN Master as of October 22, 2013

The living VARDAN Master has two sides, an inner and an outer. On the outer he is just like any other man but on the inner he is given the ability to be with all Souls at the same time and aid them in their return back to God.

It is Soul’s job to find this Margatma, study with him, and learn the ancient science of out-of-body Tuza Travel in order to return to God, gain Self Realization, God Realization, and become a conscious co-worker with HURAY.

Gopal Das

Many of you have been with previous living VARDAN Masters in your many past lives. Many of you have been chosen to be given the opportunity to once again find God in this lifetime.

Some of you have left the high path for various reasons but the most common reasons are attachment and vanity. The living VARDAN Master teaches to cease to have opinions and let go of dogma. We must become as little children; only then will we let go of our little self and embrace our true God self Soul.

Some falsely believe that they can find God on their own without the aid of a Spiritual Traveler. This may sound like a good idea until we begin to realize the complexity and illusion of the lower worlds of M.E.S.T. (matter, energy, space, and time). One would have a much better chance of becoming a doctor with no schooling whatsoever than finding even the Soul plane or 5th plane of heaven and establishing themselves there consciously.

The living VARDAN Master as well as the other Spiritual Travelers offers love, protection, and instruction on both the inner and outer. They do this out of a deep love for Souls and for the HURAY or God. They are unlike other so-called masters and teachers who have only led Soul for the most part to more karma and reincarnation.

Many find a guru or teacher or group that promises great material and psychic gains. A true Spiritual Traveler has little or nothing to offer other than the experience of Self and God Realization and aid in establishing us as conscious co-workers with God, while other false masters and groups promise riches, power, health, psychic powers, human love, fame, and all manner of things of the senses, emotions, and mental forces.

While there is nothing wrong with acquiring health, money or human love, upon further examination we find these false teachers have little to offer. Even if one acquires these lower world things, the cycles of karma and reincarnation will soon change the tides and one will lose them sooner or later. Only the high goals of VARDANKAR can bring spiritual liberation and establish Souls in the heart of God.

Many confused true Self Realization or even God Realization with astral, casual or mental realizations and esoteric knowledge of the lower or little self.  This is NOT Self Realization but simply a lower realization of the little self or ego self.  True Self Realization occurs when Soul, our eternal God self, consciously leaves the lower body’s and travels to the Soul plane and consciously partakes of the Light and Sound Current. The audible life stream that sustains all of life and contains all!  This Light and Sound current or VARDAN contains all Love, Wisdom, Power and Freedom and Soul takes on Its true quality’s of Seeing, knowing, Being, a 360 degree viewpoint and knows all things through direct perception.

As said earlier we learn to die daily during our spiritual exercise and we find these heavenly states of consciousness are always present. Since Soul is eternal and lives beyond time and space we become aware that we can be in more than one place at the same time. We can carry out our earthly lives while also dwelling in the heart of God.

We become born anew and are now directed by the God force rather than by the negative powers who worked through our lower bodies to enslave us. We now work from the God-conscious state and recognize not only ourselves as divine spirit or the VARDAN but all other Souls. We find we are awake and in a state of total consciousness and have compassion and mercy for those Souls who are asleep.

Rebazar Tarzs is the Torchbearer of VARDANKAR and is over 550 years old although he appears in his 30’s
Rami Nuri
Lai Tsi

 If on the other hand Soul refuses the living VARDAN Master’s help or has not earned enough good karma to follow the current Margatma, the living VARDAN Master, then Soul revolves on the wheel of 84 for lifetime after lifetime until Soul’s desire to return becomes strong enough that it once again seeks the living VARDAN Master, who will instruct Soul on the outer as well as inner planes on the true methods of returning to the Godhead and not just to some ruler in the lower worlds such as the Brahm, Jahovah, Allah or the almost countless names for lower world rulers.

These beings however mighty they may appear are only humble subordinates in the grand hierarchy of the universe.

 These lower rulers or false gods themselves must incarnate at some point for they are a mixture of matter and spirit. Although their powers are almost unimaginable to the minds of man they are nothing compared to the mighty HURAY or one true God who lives in ITS humble abode on the 12th plane of the Ocean of Love and Mercy…Soul’s true home.

 This returning back to the Godhead via out-of-body Tuza Travel and the living VARDAN Master has been the universal plan since time immortal.



Chu Ko Yen

The path of VARDANKAR has undergone many different masters and many different names. The terminology changes but the basic tenets have always remained the same, for VARDANKAR is the ancient science of learning to leave one’s physical body and travel into the various heavenly worlds past the worlds of duality into the Soul plane or 5th plane, where we find our true self unencumbered by the various lower bodies and mental apparatus and reach still higher into the very heart of God, known as the Ocean of Love and Mercy, on the 10th through 12th planes where dwells the HURAY or God ITSELF.

This constitutes true Self Realization and God Realization, which few on Earth experience although many claim to have.

Since Souls generally undergo millions of incarnations on Earth and the various lower worlds, God or the HURAY has set up a system for Souls returning to IT more quickly. Since as mentioned before, God cannot descend to the human state of consciousness, it is each and every Soul’s duty to eventually ascend in consciousness through learning the art and science of out-of-body Tuza or Soul Travel. This has been and always will be the natural way that God has made for man to find true God Realization and make that journey back to the Godhead.

All other paths and teachings are offshoots and do not lead directly back to God but move indirectly, slowly, and in a zigzag-like pattern, often settling in some lower plane where Souls stay for long periods of time before finally moving up or down in consciousness.

The direct path on the other hand always has a living VARDAN Master who comes from a long line of VARDAN Masters. From 1965 to 1970 the teachings were known as ECKANKAR and taught under the great VARDAN Master Sri Paul Twitchell.  Upon Paul’s death in 1970 the teachings became an offshoot although under the same name of Eckankar. Paul Twitchell never named a successor and so others picked him from a list of 5 candidates. Eckankar no longer had a true VARDAN Master, which automatically made it an offshoot. Since then this offshoot, still called “Eckankar,” has changed to the point where it’s almost unrecognizable from what Sri Paul Twitchell taught back in the 1960s. Currently this offshoot is led by Harold Klemp, who like his predecessor Darwin Gross was never a true VARDAN Master. One only needs to read a couple of Sri Paul Twitchell’s books such as The Tiger’s Fang or The FAR Country and compare them with Harold’s books to see the negative transformation.

Harold has admitted things have changed but claims it’s for the better. The “New” Eckankar appears to focus on “spirituality in your daily life” and has become a religion. It is no longer the high path back to God but just another offshoot.

The VARDAN Masters have seen this happen time and time again and are detached from it.

For a brief time the high path changed names again but that Master fell in consciousness and failed in his mission of bringing the high path to the world.

Many have been floundering after Sri Paul Twitchell’s death, wondering what happened.

VARDANKAR as of January 2013 is the high path back to the Godhead. Names will change. The high path will sometimes go underground for a time and appear to disappear. But when it resurfaces to the public it’s a golden opportunity for those who desire God to find God Realization in their lifetimes and reach spiritual liberation!

In January 2013, Rebazar Tarzs took the Rod of Power back from the previous Master, who had fallen. The reasons for his failure were many but vanity and anger were the predominant causes of his failure. Rebazar held the Rod of Power until October 22nd 2013 and then handed it off to Sri Allen Feldman.

This was decided by the spiritual hierarchy including Rebazar Tarzs and Yaubl Sacabi. It was because of the fact that the VARDAN Masters needed to take the teaching public and needed a living VARDAN Master who was willing to bring back the high teachings once again to the public.

The exact details of all of this are unimportant as the names, places, and people change and the spiritual hierarchy who are conscious co-workers with God care little about personalities, opinions, or history. Their only concern is that God’s will be followed and that Souls are given an opportunity to truly return to the Godhead and experience total awareness and reach spiritual liberation within their respective lifetimes.

Allen, who was in training for many lifetimes, was reluctant to accept the position, feeling he was neither spiritually strong enough nor ready.

His training was speeded up due to a great need and compassion as a new Margatma, the living VARDAN Master, was needed in order to carry out the will of HURAY.

Although Allen had doubts about whether he was truly ready, he accepted since it was part of the universal plan of the HURAY or God to bring the teachings out to the public and he had been chosen to do so with the aid of many other VARDAN Masters including Yaubl Sacabi, Rebazar Tarzs, Kata Daki, Rami Nuri, and last but not least his wife Heather, whose spiritual name is Gah-Shy-Zah.

Sra Heather Giamboi is a VARDAN Master, Author and the President of VARDANKAR

Allenji, as he is called by his Chelas or students, likes to emphasize not worshiping any personalities but to remain focused on God, finding Self and God Realization, becoming a conscious co-worker, and helping individual Souls reach spiritual liberation in this lifetime.

He emphasizes the path of VARDANKAR is about the individual and never the group.

He points out over and over again that the path of VARDANKAR is about the individual Soul reaching the 5th plane of Self Realization and the 10th through 12th planes of God Realization. It is certainly not about personality worship or a social club where the group becomes more important than each individual, who becomes some cog in the wheel of a machine.

We have seen these groups where each member is like a battery that powers the organization that is held above the individual, who is considered insignificant compared with the whole.

The VARDANist is a bold and adventurous Spiritual trail blazer

In VARDANKAR the individual is always greater than the organization, as the organization is simply a way of bringing each individual Soul back to the Godhead in their respective lifetime.

Each living VARDAN Master is different and there is little one can do to try and categorize them by personality, mental abilities, looks, mannerisms, or any of the judgments that human beings make of personality, so called intelligence and social behaviors.

The living VARDAN Master is chosen by the HURAY or God for ITS own reasons and there appears to be no pattern to their personalities, bodies, or abilities.

Each living VARDAN Master has a particular spiritual mission within their respective term of service. Few recognize them as special as many appear ordinary. Only on the inner do they pose extraordinary powers. On the outer they can be of any number of personality types, body types, and so on. They can be located in any part of the world, be of any race, and greatly range in appearance and personality.

Each appears unique and this has been the nature of the position since the beginning of time. The HURAY or God does not care about personalities or lower bodies or what is known in VARDANKAR as the little self, only with the greater self Soul, that part of us that is eternal, unchanging, and of infinite consciousness and potential: that part of us that is identical with the HURAY in substance!

This great variance in outer appearance and personality can set up a paradox as some students look upon the outer Master and judge him based upon duality and mental and emotional opinions.

In his lower bodies he is not perfect but on the inner he is and has taken up the responsibility of leading Souls back home to God within their respective lifetime or the next. This is his only true purpose as a representative of HURAY or God on Earth.

Towart Managi
Kata Daki

The personality of the Master is often a test and those who truly desire to find God must learn to go inwardly and let go of their opinions and make Self Realization, God Realization, and spiritual liberation their chief goals in life.

The position has nothing to do with anything other than leading Souls back to the Godhead in their respective lifetimes. This has always been the case although few people can let go of their own opinions and judgments long enough to see the radiant body of the inner Master nor take the time to practice the spiritual exercises in order to meet the inner Master and begin their journey back to the Godhead, total awareness, and spiritual liberation.

The living VARDAN Master will work on the inner as well as the outer and never asks for “blind faith” but asks that his Chelas or students faithfully practice the spiritual exercises of VARDANKAR, and engage in true contemplation upon the VARDAN works. He emphasizes through the practice of the spiritual exercises and the contemplation of the books, discourses, and lectures the student may have his own spiritual experiences in the inner planes, that they will know, and no one can take this knowing away from them. It is not something that comes from the outside but comes through Tuza Travel and one’s own personal experience leaving their body and going to the worlds of being and the higher ecstatic states of consciousness.

As pointed out earlier, the reason why VARDANKAR has existed throughout eternity under different names and Masters is to act as a direct path for those Souls who desire to return back to God in the fastest, surest way possible.


Sri Paul Twitchell

Paulji, a previous VARDAN Master, used to say something to the effect that if you don’t find heaven in this lifetime, what assurance do you have that you will find it upon the death of your physical body? Some Souls are driven to find God in the here and now. Paulji used to say you become the “Hound of Heaven.”

This often occurs after a spiritual experience with the light and sound or the Holy Spirit or VARDAN. Once one begins to taste the sweet nectar of the returning sound current that contains all truth, all wisdom, all love, all power, and all freedom, they will not rest as Soul until they are resting in the arms of the HURAY or God who dwells in ITS humble abode in the Ocean of Love and Mercy far above the worlds of time, space, matter, energy and mind.

Once Soul has this experience, it then desires to become a conscious co-worker with HURAY for no one can be filled with the VARDAN without wanting to express ITS will.

We become the God Realized being and must express this through outflow, otherwise we risk becoming spiritually stagnated.

Many of you understand what I am talking about to some degree and have learned that what you receive during contemplation you must give out to the world!

We cannot contain this inflow anymore than a mighty river can stop flowing into the ocean…forever giving as it finds an endless wellspring of eternal living waters that have no beginning nor ending.

As Soul, our eternal self, we must first find God and then we too have an endless wellspring of spirit or the VARDAN to draw upon. We truly learn the meaning of the words “I and the Father are one” and also “I am that I am.”

We find we are the VARDAN and the VARDAN is us. That we flow endlessly and fear ceases to be as we rest in the eternal arms of our Father.

The living VARDAN Master cannot give anyone a desire to find Self and God Realization. This must come through our own efforts and is our own decision. Some are chosen by God or HURAY to return to IT and will desire God above all else.

We can certainly waste time arguing with the living VARDAN Master and his appointed teachers. The mind will have a million questions. For every answer we get another 10 questions, until we may have more questions than we have time to ask.

But as long as we are asking questions we cannot get the answer. We become trapped in the question band.

We must again cease to have opinions and approach this from an entirely different angle: that of the seeing, knowing, and being of Soul. We then gain an overview through out-of-body Tuza Travel and we know beyond the mind through Soul’s direct perception and Soul’s 360-degree viewpoint. We begin to stop asking questions and start BEING.

Then we begin to know what the words “In God I live, move, and have my being” actually mean … not mentally but spiritually.

We begin to understand the meaning of the words that all true living VARDAN Masters have stated throughout eons of time.



“The true VARDAN initiate always dwells in the higher worlds.”

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