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Some of the benefits of membership in VARDANKAR are that the individual is working with the living VARDAN Master who is a foremost expert in out-of-body travel, has had true Self Realization, God Realization, intensive training in spiritual VARDAN Mastership, and holds the VARDAN Rod of Power. As a result the individual has expert assistance on both the inner and outer in reaching these states themselves and learning out-of-body travel to the heavenly realms.

Through our own efforts in practicing spiritual exercises we can make progress in out-of-body travel. We are given guidance to reach spiritual freedom and states of consciousness such as Self Realization, God Realization, and becoming a conscious co-worker with HURAY (God).

 First we must seek the God Realized state and then all is given unto us. We do not find God by trying to be good but by out-of-body Tuza Travel, with the Margatma, the living VARDAN Master, and linking through the initiations with the light and sound of VARDAN or spirit.

 The Margatma, the living VARDAN Master, has the spiritual power and ability to work not only on the outer through books, discourses, lectures etc. but on the inner worlds with each and every sincere student or Chela on an individual basis. This is necessary and a Spiritual Master can only take his students as high as the so-called Master is capable of traveling and no higher than this.

 Sadly most gurus, teachers, and leaders are stuck at the mid- to high astral plane or in some rarer cases the causal or mental plane. These are far, far below even the Soul plane or 5th plane and certainly nowhere near the 10th through 12th planes of true God Realization.

 The Margatma, the living VARDAN Master, works on the inner worlds with each Chela or student. This is only possible because he holds the Rod of VARDAN Power and on the inner he is the VARDAN or Holy Spirit ITSELF. This is something that each person must come to know through personal experience during their daily spiritual exercises (a minimum of 30 minutes per day).

 There are many groups that claim to offer the individual God Realization when in reality their students after 40 years of exemplary spiritual discipline can go no further than cosmic consciousness in the lower worlds of reincarnation. This is because only a true living VARDAN Master chosen by HURAY (God) can give an individual initiations above cosmic consciousness in the M.E.S.T. worlds (matter, energy, time, and space).

 The initiations establish one as a permanent resident of that plane or level of heaven. Before the initiation we can only visit these planes and are often not conscious of being there (in a sort of sleeplike state).

In VARDANKAR we wake up from the illusion or Maya of the lower worlds into the splendor of the true reality of the pure positive God Worlds of VARDAN or spirit.

 In VARDANKAR returning to God in this lifetime and reaching Self and God Realization to become a conscious co-worker with HURAY (God) is fully possible. We can progressively move to higher and higher levels of heaven and their corresponding states of consciousness. Generally according to the VARDAN Masters, reaching Self Realization on the 5th plane or Soul plane (which is the first of the pure positive God Worlds where we begin to experience spiritual freedom and no longer have to incarnate on Earth unless we choose to) takes from 5 to 15 years and God Realization can take from 15 to 35 years with 25-30 years being more common. Much of the results vary depending on the individual’s spiritual enfoldment cultivated in this and former lives. It is found those who learn to cease to have opinions and are open to the spiritual exercises and true contemplation of the VARDAN works do better than those with a closed mind. However skeptics sometimes outshine everyone if they are willing to put the effort in to seeing for themselves whether VARDANKAR is real. We encourage open-minded skeptics as long as they have a “let’s see what happens and if this works for me” attitude and not a negative outlook.

 Upon membership you become eligible for initiations. You may request your 2nd initiation after 2 years of study (unless you are over the age of 60 in which case you can request your 2nd initiation after only 1 year of study). The 2nd initiation is vastly important in that it links one more directly with the VARDAN light and sound and firmly establishes one on the path back home to God. The first 2 years in VARDANKAR it is requested that you cease to study other works and focus on studying VARDANKAR. The reason for this is one cannot follow two paths at the same time nor two Masters. We need to gain a firm foundation.

We quickly find that other paths do not lead directly to God but wander and are indirect paths as VARDANKAR is the most direct path back home through the ancient science of Tuza Travel.

 After 2 years of study you will know for sure whether you wish to continue and receive your second initiation. There is never a charge for an initiation.

 In VARDANKAR the goals are to assist the individual to graduate from the wheel of reincarnation and the lower worlds and reach Jivan Mukti or spiritual liberation in this lifetime, become Self Realized, God Realized, and become a conscious co-worker with HURAY (God) ITSELF.

 When one joins VARDANKAR they are under the love and protection of the Margatma, the living VARDAN Master who will guide them both outwardly and inwardly and help steer them clear of the many obstacles and pitfalls on the path back home to HURAY or God. The inner Master is the VARDAN or spirit of ITSELF in a personalized form that works with the individual in ways that bring about total love, total wisdom, total power, total freedom, and total awareness via out-of-body Tuza Travel and working with the various VARDAN Masters in the different Golden Wisdom Temples of VARDAN.

 Some additional benefits of membership in VARDANKAR include: receiving monthly discourses in the mail with spiritual instruction written by the Margatma, the living VARDAN Master. These discourses are written with a high vibration, bring about a loosening of one’s karma, and aid greatly in reaching your spiritual goals. The monthly wisdom notes, which are letters from the living VARDAN Master to his students or Chelas.

 A quarterly publication called the God Force featuring articles written by the Margatma, the living VARDAN Master, as well as other VARDAN Masters.

 You will also have access to audio and video recordings, as well as classes and spiritual seminars where the living VARDAN Master, other VARDAN Masters, and more advanced Chelas (students) speak and answer questions. The classes and many of the audio and video recordings will be available to initiates and members only.

 Current and upcoming VARDANKAR books will in the near future be made available on Amazon and local book sellers. Pre-publication audios of books may be made available prior to publication if that is possible to ensure members receive a variety of helpful materials written by the Margatama, the living VARDAN Master and other VARDAN Masters. (See video’s of 3 chapters from the book “HURAY Galactica”)

 You can write to the living VARDAN Master a monthly Initiates Report where you may ask questions. There will also be private meetings at seminars you may attend.

 Please note the use of illegal drugs is not permitted and anyone who is using marijuana even if it’s legal in their state or country must stop before becoming a member of VARDANKAR. This is because drugs are a trap, do spiritual and psychic damage to the lower body’s and can throw the person out of balance if they mix them with out-of-body travel and working off their karma quickly

Cost of membership covers printing, postage and other costs and is $195.00 US for Individual Membership and $227.00 US for Family Membership.



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I hereby apply for Membership in VARDANKAR. I understand that the purpose of VARDANKAR is to learn out-of-body travel for the sole purpose of returning to God and becoming a conscious Coworker. 

VARDANKAR Membership Application



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