[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]1. Guidance and training from a God Realized VARDAN Master.      


2. VARDANKAR discourses for spiritual training, mailed one to two discourses per month. You may study alone, in a class, or both up to two discourses per month.

3. In the near future the ability to attend VARDAN Satsang classes and study the private discourses one to two times per month.

4. The Wisdom Notes from the Master mailed one per month.   


5. An annual subscription to VARDANKAR’s quarterly God Force mailed 4 times per year.      

6. VARDANKAR books, audios, and videos, including members-only materials.


7. A comprehensive website with insightful articles, audios, and videos with some content being password protected and for members only.

8. Ongoing release of exciting VARDANKAR books.


9. VARDANKAR initiations to higher and higher levels of heaven/consciousness.

10. Workshops, classes, and seminars.

11.VARDAN Vidya readings of Soul records for fee/reservation.

12. Like-minded others and spiritual service opportunities.

 (See below for a detailed explanation of these benefits of being a Member of VARDANKAR.)

 1. Guidance and Training From A God Realized VARDAN Master: VARDANKAR offers the individual spiritual guidance, support, and training from a foremost expert in the science of advanced out-of-body Tuza Travel. In addition to the outer forms of spiritual guidance listed below (with books, audios, videos, and seminars), the living VARDAN Master also provides the individual who does spiritual exercises personalized one-on-one guidance, support, and training on the inner levels that some call heaven, which are spiritual planes. In this way the individual can make profound strides in advancing spiritually to rare exalted states such as mastery in out-of-body travel, Self Realization, God Realization, and spiritual VARDAN Mastership. The VARDAN Master can for those who apply his instructions help them establish themselves far beyond the lower heavens of reincarnation and become permanently established in the pure positive God Worlds of freedom to become a conscious co-worker with God. VARDANKAR is also sometimes called the science of total awareness because once we move into the pure positive God Worlds we gain a 360-degree viewpoint and work as Soul, our God self, which is identical in substance to spirit or the VARDAN.

Discourses contain Spiritual Exercises for Out of Body Travel to take you step by step to reach Self and God Realization.

2. VARDANKAR Discourses:  – Each month VARDANKAR members receive one to two printed booklets known as discourses with in-depth, spiritually powerful lessons exclusively available to members of VARDANKAR. This ongoing in-depth instruction by a God Realized VARDAN Master will accelerate the individual’s ability to advance in leaps and bounds spiritually by learning out-of-body travel to reach Self and God Realization. These discourses also contain spiritual exercises to help deepen one’s relationship with divine spirit and God more profoundly to higher and higher levels of consciousness. Contained in these members-only discourses is a vibration that is more powerful than the VARDANKAR books as well as secret knowledge that aids the student in following the light and sound (VARDAN) and the inner Master (Margatma) back into the very heart of God or HURAY. . . the Ocean of Love and Mercy.  One can study these monthly discourses privately or in a Satsang class.

You are allowed to study up to two discourse series per month, one in a class and the other privately at home. The Satsang series is for study in a Satsang class and consists of 12 lessons, one per month. The other series are for personal private study. 

3. The ability to attend VARDAN Satsang Classes:  –  In the near future VARDANKAR will make available Special members-only classes where you can study the VARDAN Satsang discourses together as well as privately. Many find they learn more by attending a Satsang class. Satsang means union with that which is pure and imperishable. The union with the living VARDAN Master. Each student is with the inner Master. A qualified student leads the class, generally with 3 to 12 members attending. The class will last from one hour to no more than one and one-half hours in length. The students or Chelas read, study, and contemplate upon the discourse ahead of time and then meet in class to discuss the discourse, ask questions, and discuss the teachings of VARDANKAR for the purpose of clarifying their understanding, and of reaching Self and God Realization. In addition to the discourses they may also study VARDANKAR books, audios, and videos. The class focuses on VARDANKAR and never politics, religion, social reform or philosophy, or any other topics that would sidetrack the class. If such topics are discussed it is brief and the discussion must always return to VARDANKAR. Members of the class may choose to meet outside the class if they so choose to discuss topics other than VARDANKAR or go beyond the allotted time of the class.

 4. The Wisdom Notes from the Master: Mailed one per month. The Wisdom Notes from the Master are special monthly letters, generally 2 pages in length, written by the Margatma, the living VARDAN Master. Members receive the Wisdom Note every month along with their study discourses. The Wisdom Note contains essential spiritual insights and a special vibration that helps the student in advancing in major strides spiritually as well as helps avoid pitfalls and obstacles in learning out-of-body travel to the spiritual planes and return to God in this life to become a fully conscious co-worker with God. 

5. An Annual Subscription to The God Force:  – VARDANKAR membership includes an annual subscription to The God Force, a quarterly publication that offers insightful spiritual articles written by VARDAN Masters as well as gifted VARDANists. It keeps the individual up to date on VARDANKAR developments, exciting upcoming audios, videos, books, and seminars while providing insightful articles. 

6. VARDANKAR Books, Audios, and Videos: VARDANKAR regularly releases a variety of spiritually accelerating videos, audios, and VARDANKAR books for in-depth study of out-of-body travel to the worlds of God and reaching exalted spiritual states and insights.

 7. Comprehensive Website:  – VARDANKAR makes available to members and visitors a website with as we mentioned above a variety of audios, videos, and insightful articles that are updated regularly for the benefit of VARDANKAR members. In the near future VARDANKAR will futher expand the members section with members only videos, audio talks, articles, and other material specifically meeting the needs of the VARDANists (members of VARDANKAR).

 8. VARDANKAR Books:  – Individuals who join VARDANKAR as members support their own spiritual growth. If for example an individual is studying to become a doctor it would be difficult to do without study and likewise for the individual who wishes to master out-of-body Tuza (Soul) Travel and reach higher states of consciousness, study is essential. Additionally members who join VARDANKAR as members contribute and support our efforts to launch publication of exciting upcoming VARDANKAR books.


 9. VARDANKAR Initiations:  – Many gurus claim high states of consciousness such as God Realization but few of these so-called masters can assist the individuals beyond astral realization or cosmic consciousness. Even though lower heavens provide awe-inspiring spiritual experiences and realizations that can be very impressive, dazzling, and profound with heavenly light and sound, these spiritual experiences in the lower worlds of M.E.S.T (matter, energy, space, and time) are commonly mistaken for Self and God Realization or experiences in the pure positive God Worlds.

In VARDANKAR the individual will learn to tell the difference and know where he is so that he has the training and tools to truly transcend the lower heavens and become permanently established in the God Worlds of pure spirit or VARDAN. In practicing spiritual exercises his progress will lead to the higher and higher states of consciousness and higher and higher levels of heavens (spiritual planes) and into the pure positive God Worlds because the living VARDAN Master is a true God Realized being offering initiations and able to link the student to the light and sound and awareness of these higher realms or heavens. Some paths claim to lead to Self and God Realization and then most of their students after 30 or 40 years of successful out-of-body travel do not reach Self or God Realization. This is because only a true VARDAN Master can give initiations above cosmic consciousness to free Soul to become a fully God Realized and conscious co-worker with HURAY (God).

Again it is important to understand that the true initiation links the Chela or student more closely and at a higher vibratory rate with the audible life stream or VARDAN (Holy Spirit). The VARDAN or spirit draws the student upward and the student soon realizes and becomes aware of many things that were invisible before the initiations. It is as if the Chela or student were asleep and is now beginning to awaken and unfold to his true spiritual mantle, his or her true BEINGNESS as a spark or drop from the Ocean of Love and Mercy where dwells God in ITS full glory. Many remember studying with the various VARDAN Masters in the Golden Wisdom Temples of VARDAN. This generally happens during ones sleep. Others realize the meaning of the Master’s words, “The initiate always dwells in the higher worlds (pure positive God Worlds).”

When the student receives his 2nd initiation he or she will never have to incarnate in the physical worlds again. Upon reaching the 5th initiation the student reaches Self Realization on the Soul plane and never has to go into the lower worlds again but reaches Jivan Mukti or spiritual liberation in this lifetime! The VARDANist has this experience and IT goes beyond mere faith into the realm of SEEING, KNOWING, and BEING through personal experiences of the most profound nature.

10. Workshops, Classes, and Seminars:  – VARDANKAR is not a religion, philosophy, new age group, politics, psychology, or metaphysical group of any kind. Its only purpose is to assist the individual to return to HURAY (God) in this life. In following suit with this mission, VARDANKAR offers members and visitors various inspiring and dynamic spiritual workshops, classes, and seminars on exciting spiritual topics to help individuals reach their full spiritual potential.

11. VARDAN Vidya Readings:  – In the early days Sri Paul Twitchell, who was a VARDAN Master when the path was called by another name, offered his students what he called “ECK Vidya Readings” where he would look at the individual’s Soul records and review the individual’s past lives, highlighting some key insights that could spiritually help the individual make profound spiritual progress in strides today. This component is not essential as the individual will be taught to view their own past lives in time and will also meet with the inner Master. However, for a limited time the Margatma, the living VARDAN Master Sri Allen Feldman is offering VARDAN Vidya Soul record readings for a fee to help specifically both the individual and with the costs of publication for upcoming VARDANKAR books. Not only will those who do this be given helpful spiritual insights but they will simultaneously help VARDANKAR with the release of exciting VARDANKAR books that will benefit Souls who want the spiritual boost and guidance.

12. Like-Minded Others and Spiritual Service: We are striving to create a community of spiritually like-minded individuals who are able to share spiritual meaning, upliftment, and inspiration. We look forward to individuals making new connections, friendships, and sharing spiritual inspiration as a community. God placed Soul in the lower worlds to become a conscious co-worker with IT, which is the heart of spiritual service. Since October 22nd 2013 when the Rod of Spiritual Power was passed to Sri Allen Feldman, he is as the new living VARDAN Master starting anew and it is an exciting time of breaking new ground similar to the pioneering days of his predecessor Sri Paul Twitchell. Paul Twitchell, a previous Master, was faced with the daunting task of bringing the path of spiritual liberation to the world.

 Likewise the initiates of today, once they meet their second year of study, face the same exciting groundbreaking challenge. New members can, once they learn the ropes, help as well. In the very beginning Sri Paul Twitchell started with a few brave individuals who were bold enough and brave enough to blaze a trail for others to find the path. VARDANKAR celebrates and supports the inspirational, powerful, creative spark like a river that flows from divine spirit to the individual to spiritually serve to his heart’s delight. We have an approval process but we are not like spiritual groups filled with inhibiting restrictions, bureaucracy, and no’s that block the direction of divine spirit. We embrace members to bloom into their full potential to find a form of service they love such as a spiritual teacher, leader, or other service as a dynamic spiritual trail blazer. One of the secrets of making enormous spiritual progress is to outflow. As Sri Paul Twitchell and many other VARDAN Masters have said before and after him, “What a man receives during contemplation (spiritual exercises) he must give out to the world!”

When you are filled with the mighty river of God, that pure consciousness emanating from the God-conscious state, which in part consists of the pure light and sound of spirit or the VARDAN, IT flows through you and IT cannot be stopped but must flow freely into these lower worlds to express ITSELF through YOU as a channel. If we don’t do this there is trouble for we must begin at once. Even the beginning members may serve through helping a 2nd initiate until they receive their 2nd initiation in 1 to 2 years.

(To become a member please click on this link to the VARDANKAR Membership Application Page)