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Throughout history there has always been a long unbroken line of Living VARDAN Masters. When one Master moves on the next Master will walk in his footsteps as Allenji has said and continue the path. The name of the Master and the name of the path changes but the essence remains the same, direct path to HURAY, God. It is the science of spirit through Soul Projection.

Those interested in studying with the VARDAN Master can build a spiritual foundation in VARDANKAR. It is basically an at home study program with inner and outer Vardankar guidance and training. The spiritual traveler provides basics like VARDANKAR Discourses (monthly) written by the Master that contain instructions and Spiritual Exercises, Wisdom Notes, quarterly periodical, Audios and Videos such as Bridge Between Worlds Radio or Youtube. In addition to studying the discourses there are also VARDANKAR books on Amazon and free VARDAN Master pictures on smugmugs. Those interested in applying for membership can fill out the application below.

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Printed VARDANKAR Membership Application:

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VARDANKAR Membership Application – Printed Version

Online VARDANKAR Membership Application:

I hereby apply for Membership in VARDANKAR. I understand that the purpose of VARDANKAR is to learn out-of-body travel for the sole purpose of returning to God and becoming a conscious Coworker.

VARDANKAR Membership Application



Note: When done filling out this form, hit the SUBMIT button at the bottom of this page. If the form fails to submit, check for red unfilled out fields and make sure to fill them out. Thank you and welcome to VARDANKAR the Ancient Science of Out-of-Body Tuza Travel.